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  • With a bit of tweaking it works fine in 40.x too.
  • This is exactly the sort of add-on I've been looking for for a very long time now, and I'm very sad to see that it's not compatible with current versions of Firefox. I despise tabbed browsing. It's far too disorganized and difficult to keep track of, and I'd be very pleased if I were to be rid of it. There don't seem to be any alternatives to it. I would be absolutely thrilled if you were to update it to the latest version.
  • 1. Click on the "Add-On Homepage" link at left.

    2. Click on the Download link.

    3. Right-click on "Download Latest Version (via HTTPS, GitHub), select "Save Link As", and save it.

    This will save a file called tabkiller.xpi on your computer. It's a .zip file but your system probably won't recognize it as one due to the extension. You'll have to open the archive using your favorite unzipping program. I recommend 7zip as it is excellent and free.

    4. Once you've opened the archive you should see that it contains two folders, a file called chrome.manifest and a file called install.rdf. Open install.rdf using Notepad.

    5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the text. In the last section you should see a line that says "em:maxVersion="3.7a1pre". Change the "3.7a1pre" to the Firefox version number that you want to use. You probably want to pad it out a little since Mozilla is updating so often. Otherwise you'll just have to do this again later. I used "em:maxVersion="50.0".

    6. Save this file. Your archiving program should inform you that the file has been updated and ask you if you want to update the archive as well. Say yes.

    7. Run Firefox and click on "File", then "Open File". Select tabkiller.xpi, and it should install normally.
  • to make this add-on compatible with latest firefox you just need to modify install.rdf file on the add-on package
  • Great add-on, but the latest version isn't here for some reason. A Firefox 3.6-ready version is here:

  • Thank you. Tabs waste valuable screen space just to duplicate task bar functionality, and a bunch of Firefox functions are still stupidly hard-coded to use tabs even when I've disabled them in every possible place.
  • Looks like there is indeed a new version compatible with FF 3.5.2, at this URL:

    Why was this not noted on this page?
  • Please update this so it works with Firefox 3.5! Right now there is no way to stop the tabs. Firefox is the best browser because it is customizable, but right now it is not, in this case.
  • I don't like TAB. because I can Alt-TAB, I can live view thumbnail in task bar.

    I open only 10 windows max.
  • there r those of us(or at least me) who live in the boonies and broadband cable is slow 2 arrive. Loading multiple pages over dial-up is infintely slow...

    THANK YOU for the option to disable tabs.

    The trial version seems to be working fine for now and i will be glad when the official version is released

  • Una buena opción para quienes no se acostumbran a la característica de pestañas.
    Aunque yo ya me volví dependiente de ellas, creo que algunas personas les va a ser muy útil quitarlas.

    Y lo mejor es que es compatible con FF 1.0!
  • Granted, the bug is in FF 1.5 (haven't tried 3), if FF is the default browser and another application opens a browser window, a super-minimized window opens along with your browser window.

    Otherwise, I do like it. To those of you who say it's useless, keep in mind that not all of us like tabbed browsing. I like the multiple stimuli, I function much better with it. I'm perfectly able to focus only on the windows I'm concerned with at any given time. Not to mention if you ever have to describe something in another window, or copy text from an image or video, you need a windowed interface.
    I really do appreciate this effort. With Firefox overtaking IE in popularity I feel us window-style browsers will eventually be left out in the cold.
  • I am sure this works, but who would want to remove tabs?
  • Otherwise it works just like older version.
  • Great - a much needed hack for those of us who need the freedom and flexibility that multiple-window browsing offers. (Such as viewing pages side-by-side, flipping between many windows with Alt-Tab, etc.) Tab Killer is the only game in town, for what should have been a simple checkbox in Firefox (like it is in IE7).

    Only problem - when closing a Firefox window (3.05), the tab bar on all other open Firefox windows flashes momentarily. Perhaps a fix is due?

    Otherwise, Tab Killer is a terrific and essential extension!
  • By default Firefox ignores the user setting to use windows only, and instead uses tabs for... update info, addon info, and restoring websites after a crash.

    This is a handy addon for anyone that dislikes tabs and prefers windows. I myself wouldn't mind tabs, except that... they're not next to the task bar, and the close buttons are harder to click - especially when dealing with 80+ tabs.

    Unfortunately, this addon broke with Firefox 3. Some websites(such as www.notebookforum.at ) will begin generating dozens of error messages per second after closing them. I have observed the same behaviour with some popup windows. The errors slow firefox down, forcing you to restart it after visiting such sites.

    I look forward to the next version. Hopefully it will fix this issue.

    Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIScrollBoxObject.scrollBy]" nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://global/content/bindings/scrollbox.xml :: processFrame :: line 185" data: no]
  • this has got to be the most useless addon ever. its not even an addon, its a take away. i used to hate tabs and preferred the extra windows and taskbar but not i find that tabs are much more practical, especially since i use a lot. but even still if you have such a problem with tabs, its simple. DONT USE THEM. what kind of logic is that? " i hate tabs so im glad this addon takes them away". uh... you could just not use them or even disable the tab bar altogether. pointless.
  • I hate tabs, always have, always will. Like many others I use the taskbar to take care of what windows I have open.
    This is simple, easy and thus far, clean - exactly what I need.
    P.S. For those who love tabs - MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
    What are you doing looking at an add-on called tab killer for anyway?
  • I love it....
  • I love the idea of this extension, and dislike using tabs instead of windows to manage my browsing (why duplicate the functions of the taskbar?). I also use a lot of Firefox add-ons, so it took me a while to figure out that this was the one that was causing an extra blank window to open whenever I clicked on a link in and email message displayed in Kmail. I'm not sure how far this problem extends, and if you don't have it, this may be just what you're looking for.
  • this is the first addon i install into firefox because i always hated tabs. it used to work well but on newer versions of firefox it is sometimes a bit buggy. also you need to set "open new pages in a new window" to make it work properly.

    and to all those idiots who think that noone needs this addon or that it brings back some internet explorer behaviour: go and screw yourself. if you don't need it, fine, don't use it. and it has got nothing to do with internet explorer whatsoever. i used mozilla when it was just a seamonkey early beta, i used netscape navigator back when it was version 1.0 for windows 3.1. back then internet explorer didn't even exist. i liked it without tabs then and i like it without tabs now and so do many people.
  • LOL! I was looking for the opposite: single-window mode. Tabbed browsing is best thing. why keep 30 windows open from the same application? that sux.
  • With tabs, I lose screen real estate, it's an extra bar that takes up part of my screen. I lose the ability to alt/tab. Sure, I can ctrl-tab, but I lose the preview/title of the document and I can't go from an outside application to the webpage that I want. Why in the world does anyone like tabs? "Well, IE6 doesn't have them!" "So what?" "Well . . . so IE6 doesn't have them!" "Yeah, you said that, why are tabs a good thing?" "Uhm, erm, stop asking such hard questions!"

    This is a great app, truly it's an amazing app.
  • Hey fellas, it's your choice to keep kissing the ugly girls but I'm all wrapped around this one. Mac, command+click gives new window without all the control pasting into address bar nonsense mentioned below. Windows users may complain it doesn't work but, hey, that's just normal Windows for ya. If FF won't load it because it says it's incompatible, get Nightly Tester Tool extension that forces FF to accept any extensions that the FF nanny slaps your hand saying, "NO!"
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