Indispensable Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a great extension and a real keeper. I used the original Tab History Menu until it stopped working for me, and I really missed it. I'm glad to have the improvements in this new version.

Let me add my voice to the request for hovering history for all tabs, not just the active tab. That's pretty essential. Also being able to right-click on an entry and have it open in a new tab without bringing along the rest of its history is important.

I find the persistence period of the dropdown to be too short. About a third of the time I find I have to quickly jerk the mouse down into the dropdown or else it disappears the instant the mouse pointer crosses over the tab's border. This is especially troublesome when there are only one or two entries in the list because of a tendency to overshoot the bottom of the list which then closes it.

Ordinarily, I keep many tabs open at once because links often lead me to sidetrack in diverse directions. Periodically I stop and "clean house" by closing a series of tabs after I double-check their history to be sure there is nothing I need to backtrack to or start in a new tab. To make this easier, I'd like to see the first entry in the history list be to close the tab. It's easier and faster to click it than to move back to that minuscule "x" close button. As it stands now, when Firefox pops up the tab title it covers most of the first line anyway. If I can't make out the first line, it may as well always be "Close this tab". Another advantage to this is that I can turn off the tab's "x" close button and gain a little extra space for the tab title.

We're all looking forward to a new version to see what improvements you'll offer. Thanks for continuing to develop this great addon.