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  • Just long click the Previous button on the left of URL bar.

  • Please update to FF44

  • I can't imagine surfing the web without this addon! This is the first I re-install each new Firefox profile! Thank you so much!

  • Wonderful addon & very useful fix.

  • Utilissima.Grazie.

  • 「Tab History Menu」を愛用してきました。
    とても便利でしたが、Firefox-35 以降は、互換不全のため、使用不能に陥っています。
    このため、同様な機能を提供する「Tab History Menu fix」に Change しました。


    PS. 解説通りに機能します。「Tab」毎に履歴が残るため、任意の履歴ポイントへの再接続が簡単にできます。
    シンプルで低負荷。とてもとても便利な機能です。使い始めたら欠かすことができなくなる “必須機能” です。

  • In the options, for "Don't display history menu while..." could you add a check box for "Double-Click", please ?

    Because like many people I use a double-click to refresh a tab, and it should be great to avoid the menu in that case.

    Apart that... I really love this plugin!

  • I love it! Thank you SO much for taking the time to refine the Tab History Menu addon into this brilliant little thing.

  • "Tab History Menu fix" is much better than "Tab History Menu" version.
    Cause menu pops out at very bad times, but in this version it has been fixed and it's very practical now. Thank you for this fix version.

  • I was waiting for a long time for a solution to the problem. Until a few days ago I kept FireFox v.14 only for having THM working...
    THANK YOU!!!

  • great addon - thank you :-)
    please provide German translation