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Version 2.1.4 989.9 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0a1 - 56.*

- This will be the last update, the add-on will stop working by next November with Firefox 57. See for more info.
- Updated: cs and de locales
- Bugfix: (Linux) toolbar button did not show the correct hi-res icon

Version 2.1.3 950.9 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0a1 - 53.0a1

- Update: cs and de (not yet complete) locales
- Bugfix: the default keyboard shortcut to switch to previous group would not work, because pressing the Shift key switched the output character to a different one (in US keyboards only though, it still needs a better global default value)
- Bugfix: when disabling tab thumbnails in a group, the tabs close buttons would be positioned incorrectly
- Other minor fixes

Version 2.1.2 951.3 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0a1 - 52.0a1

- New: sv-SE locale
- Bugfix: when entering groups view from a tab with the Developer Toolbox open or while in Responsive Design Mode, the tab thumbnails ratios would be wrong
- Bugfix: when certain placeholder tabs were present, such as the Customize Firefox tab, manual backups would fail
- Bugfix: a keyboard shortcut using the spacebar would not successfully exit groups view
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tab Mix Plus, its option "Open other tabs next to current one" would cause tabs to be imported from backups in the reverse order
- Bugfix: pressing the spacebar to toggle items in the import list of the Backup & Restore page would scroll the page as well

Version 2.1.1 937.6 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0a1 - 52.0a1

- Changed: when the add-on is automatically updated, it now shows a less intrusive notification toaster message linking to the release notes; as before, this can still be disabled in the About page in the add-on's preferences
- Updated: cs and pl locales
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tab Center, when filtering tabs, some could remain visible when they shouldn't be (full compatibility will be achieved by Tab Center itself with its next update)
- Bugfix: the toolbar button label would sometimes show "undefined"
- Bugfix: in single view, if a group only had one tab, that tab would be too large and would cause the group to scroll
- Bugfix: when zooming in on a page, its thumbnail could have large black areas around it
- Bugfix: (Firefox 52) compatibility fix for Firefox no longer having any groups migration code
- Bugfix: (Firefox 52) in groups view, the close button of the search label would be out of place
- Other minor fixes

Version 2.1 931.3 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0a1 - 52.0a1

- New: option to sort groups alphabetically in the tab's Move to Group menu and in the Quick Access Panel
- New: can close tabs while searching from within groups management view
- New: bring back tab highlighting when searching for tabs in groups view
- New: show page icons in tiles instead of the thumbnails if they become too small to be useful; this can be disabled per-group or globally
- New: fr and pt-BR locales
- Updated: cs locale
- Changed: restricted tab thumbnail aspect ratios, so they don't look too stretched in ultra wide screens or if you have the devtools open
- Changed: the "Open new tab" button is only shown on empty groups, to maximize space for tab thumbnails; you can still open new tabs in a group through its context menu, by right-clicking anywhere on its empty area or on its title area
- Changed: the tab counter is now just a number instead of a full label, to save space in the group's titlebar
- Changed: with all the changes above, groups can now be resized to a much smaller size in free arrange mode; they can be made smaller and hold more visible tabs than ever before!
- Changed: in grid layout, dragging a group on top of another now places the group in that spot by shifting the groups in between backward/forward, as opposed to switching the groups position like before, for a more intuitive drag-and-drop behavior (thanks to jnvsor - Jonathan Vollebregt!)
- Changed: when using (lightweight) themes, show the top image in groups view as well when possible (doesn't affect grid layout)
- Changed: improved color scheme for a more unified look across all platforms (thanks to nt1m - Tim Nguyen!)
- Changed: improved keyboard navigation while in groups view when trying to select stacked groups; you can also press spacebar when a stacked group is active to expand it, and use Ctrl/Command+Tab and Ctrl/Command+Shift+Tab to switch active groups
- Changed: in single view, keep the "Create new group" button visible at the top while clicking it to create new groups
- Removed: one-time contributions message in the main groups view; virtually everyone has seen it already anyway
- Bugfix: add-on could fail to initialize in builds of Firefox without the DevTools, such as the Light browser (thanks to char101!)
- Bugfix: groups view would be shown with FT DeepDark's (dark) theme with other (lightweight) themes
- Bugfix: compatibility with older versions of CCK2: the add-on would not work at all
- Bugfix: small compatibility fixes for Firefox 51
- Bugfix: order of groups in menus and panels wasn't consistent
- Bugfix: sometimes the add-on would fail to initialize properly in specific windows
- Bugfix: groups options overlay dialog could be hard to read with the dark theme
- Bugfix: in small windows, the add-on's preferences page could overflow and lose its scrollbars, where some content would be inaccessible
- Bugfix: it shouldn't switch groups immediately when dragging the active tab onto another group in single view
- Bugfix: some tabs could have blank thumbnails sometimes
- Bugfix: group thumbnails could not always update when dragging tabs between groups in single view
- Bugfix: tabs could appear in the wrong order when dragged between groups in single view
- Bugfix: if a group's scrollbar was too small, it could be inaccessible behind the group's resizer
- Bugfix: sometimes clicking the scrollbar to scroll through the group's tabs would drag the group instead
- Bugfix: when the group selectors at the top of single view overflow, you should be able to scroll through them with the mouse wheel
- Bugfix: compatibility with Multiple Tab Handler add-on: moving multiple tabs to another group through the context menu wouldn't work
- Bugfix: the first group of new windows would be named Group 2 instead of Group 1; unfortunately this fix only affects new windows, existing windows will retain their current groups names to prevent confusion and other possible issues
- Bugfix: sometimes opening the preferences tab could lead to an incorrect current group name in the toolbar button
- Bugfix: sometimes groups would stack even if they had more than enough space to show all their tabs
- Bugfix: warning about unsaved groups and tabs should not be shown when Session Manager is set to prompt at startup to restore the previous session
- Bugfix: moving tabs to other groups through their context menu could undo previous tab movement changes within that group
- Bugfix: searching from the quick access panel could not find recently opened or updated tabs
- Bugfix: Catch Rules wouldn't apply on startup sometimes
- Bugfix: (Linux) closing the last tab in a group would immediately switch to another group instead of opening groups management view
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tab Center; you may have to re-select the current group to show only its tabs one more time after updating, then everything should work as expected
- Bugfix: some groups without thumbnails (listed) would not scroll automatically to the active item, or while dragging tabs within them
- Bugfix: when first starting the browser, the selected tab of the active group would not be remembered when switching into another group and then back
- Bugfix: switching to a tab from another group right after startup would bring that tab into the active group instead of switching groups accordingly
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tab Mix Plus: setting a shortcut to one reserved (but unused) by Tab Mix Plus's session related features at startup wouldn't work
- Bugfix: warnings and notices at the bottom of the group shouldn't appear in the group thumbnails in single view
- Bugfix: the add-on's item in the "List all tabs" menu didn't have an icon
- Bugfix: current group label could not be fully visible with Tree Style Tabs and certain themes
- Bugfix: (Linux) the toolbar button showing the name of the current group would not be styled as a button
- Bugfix: (OS X) the name of the current group in the toolbar button was completely misaligned with other buttons
- Bugfix: (Linux) add hi-res toolbar button icon
- Bugfix: (Linux, Firefox 50+) use hi-res loading icons in working tabs in groups view
- Bugfix: search could open while typing in the group options dialog
- Bugfix: dragging a tab out of an expanded group and dropping it onto the same stacked group would keep it visible next to the stacked tabs
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tab Mix Plus: closing the last visible tabs could open a blank tab instead of taking you to groups view
- Bugfix: in a few cases (multi-window + e10s + sometimes) the add-on could fail to fully initialize
- Bugfix: the quick access panel could not work from the shortcut if the toolbar button and the Firefox application button weren't visible
- Bugfix: groups view would sometimes lose tab icons until the tab was reloaded
- Bugfix: when clicking the button to open the quick access panel, it should be marked and shown as opened
- General: added MPL license headers to source files
- Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 2.0.1 895.6 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0a1 - 50.*

- Bugfix: fix a broken 'find out more' link

Version 2 895.5 KiB Works with Firefox 45.0a1 - 49.0a1

- New: the quick access panel lets you quickly switch between tabs and groups without having to enter groups view; can be disabled in the add-on's preferences as usual
- New: single view mode; the current group is shown stretched across the whole window, maximizing the space where to show its tabs; you can switch groups from their thumbnails at the top of the window
- New: display groups automatically in a grid layout; you can switch between this, single view, and the classic free arrange mode through the controller buttons on the right
- New: separate pinned tabs area, under the main controllers on the right; arrange pinned tabs by dragging them into, out of, and within this area
- New: you can now open and go to a new tab in any group by clicking its "Open new tab" button
- New: show loading indicator instead of the favicon while in groups view if a tab isn't finished yet
- New: mute control and sound playing indicator in groups view for each tab with active audio
- New: when a group has too many tabs, it can be scrolled instead of stacked
- New: ability to hide tab thumbnails in each group
- New: show the number of tabs at the top of each group; can be disabled in preferences
- New: use regular expressions to automatically catch tabs into specific groups
- New: tabs context menu now works while in groups view
- New: show the active group's name in the toolbar button
- New: if you use Tab Mix Plus to style unread and unloaded tabs, the same styling will be applied to those tabs in groups view as well
- New: option to discard empty groups when closing their last tab; enabled by default to mimic the previous behavior
- New: can restore tabs and groups from several backups created automatically by Session Manager, Tab Mix Plus, and Firefox itself
- New: cs, es, ja-JP, ja-JP-mac, pl and sl locales
- Updated: significant improvement to memory usage, as well as to browser startup time and when opening new tabs
- Updated: simplified and modernized a lot of the code
- Updated: rewrote drag and resize code, should be more responsive in some cases but a little jumpy in others; this was a necessary change for implentating many of the other features
- Updated: tons of performance and stability improvements
- Changed: when dragging/resizing a group, it only snaps to the edges of other groups after releasing the mouse button (rather than while still dragging or resizing), but those snap-to areas are more visible now
- Changed: single-click in the empty area of a group to make it the active group, double-click to zoom into its active tab; you can still single click any individual tab to bring it up immediately
- Changed: switching through groups using the keyboard shortcut sorts them by the order they are shown in single view or grid layout, instead of as alphabetically by their title or of their active tab as before
- Changed: rewrote and redesigned the search interface in groups view, to make it more usable and accessible
- Changed: the tab thumbnails should now better represent the page contents, and their aspect ratio should also more closely reflect the window's dimensions
- Changed: improved memory consumption while not in groups view, by discarding (in the background) tab thumbnails while they're not needed; they will be redone as necessary when re-entering groups view (special thanks to the8472)
- Changed: new icons and buttons all around groups view, better suited for HiDPI screens (zoom factor) and touchscreens
- Changed: many other significant visual changes to the groups view interface
- Changed: when closing the last visible tab, it will open a new tab instead of directly taking you to groups view; only when you close this new tab it will take you to groups view as before
- Changed: (Mac OSX) default keyboard shortcuts for switching groups now use Control instead of Command, as to not conflict with the same shortcuts in the operating system
- Changed: when restoring from a backup, the groups and tabs list adapts its height in smaller windows to more easily access the final Import button
- Changed: to avoid confusion, the "Show my windows and tabs from last time when Firefox starts" button in the add-on's preferences will be hidden when it's not needed, instead of just being disabled
- Changed: unhide preference to discard warnings about session not being saved
- Removed: compatibility with Firefox 44 and below, compatibility with Firefox 45 will be maintained for the duration of the ESR 45 life cycle
- Removed: zoom animation when entering and leaving groups view, it wasn't particularly nice, it didn't work with the new interface anymore, and it had a few problems anyway
- Removed: groups search no longer lists tabs from other windows, that didn't work very well anyway
- Bugfix: default file name when backing up groups or exporting preferences would have the wrong month
- Bugfix: constant CPU usage when updating the add-on because of an infinite loop
- Bugfix: (Windows) taskbar previews would show all tabs rather than only those in the current group, leading to very inconsistent behavior of turning previews on and off depending on the number of tabs open
- Bugfix: sometimes clicking the (actual) close button of the Undo Close Group button would bring back the group instead of closing it
- Bugfix: switch to next/previous group keyboard shortcuts wouldn't work if there were any empty groups
- Bugfix: (OSX and Linux) backing up the groups and exporting the add-on's preferences would create files without the ".json" extension that the add-on couldn't immediately recognize afterwards
- Bugfix: (Firefox 48) preferences tab wouldn't work
- Bugfix: (non-e10s) some missing functionality right after updating the add-on until the browser was restarted
- Bugfix: after navigating away from the preferences tab, navigating back (through the back button) wouldn't work
- Bugfix: compatibility with Session Manager add-on, it shouldn't show a warning about groups not being saved when Session Manager is set to prompt to restore a session at startup
- Bugfix: don't show warning about groups not being saved when prompting at shutdown
- Bugfix: updating the add-on while in groups view could leave an empty window with no access to either groups or tabs
- Bugfix: shortcuts and context menus for editing text (cut, copy, paste, etc) wouldn't work anywhere in groups view
- Bugfix: (Firefox 47) could fail to detect customize mode during startup
- Bugfix: memory leaks when dealing with chrome tabs (thanks to the8472)
- Bugfix: small memory leak when disabling/updating the add-on (thanks to the8472)
- Bugfix: many visual compatibility tweaks for FT DeepDark, it may not be perfect but it should look much better now
- Bugfix: closing the last tab in a group shouldn't load another group's tab unnecessarily
- Bugfix: compatibility with Speed Dial [FVD]: opening new tabs while in groups view wouldn't open Speed Dial's page if it was defined to open in place of Firefox's new tab page
- Bugfix: compatibility with Keybinder and Dorando keyconfig: it wouldn't properly recognize keys disabled through those add-ons (thus available) on startup
- Bugfix: compatibility with AdBlock Plus, default shortcut to toggle groups view could not work
- General: added a small section to this page to promote my new web series "A dude and his Firefox"; it will be completely out of your way unless you point at the icon at the bottom corner, and you can dismiss it completely by clicking its close button.
- Lots of other fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.2 565.0 KiB Works with Firefox 41.0a1 - 46.*

- New: can use the control key in Mac OSX in the customizable keyboard shortcuts
- New: hidden preference "extensions.tabgroups.noWarningAboutSession", to never show warnings about tabs and groups not being saved after closing the window; enable with caution as it's very easy to forget they won't be saved
- New: added de, fy-NL, nl, zh-CN and zh-TW locales
- Changed: when switching groups through the keyboard shortcuts, and in the "Move to Group" item in the tabs context menu, groups are now ordered by their title
- Bugfix: in HiDPI configurations in linux, the Tab Groups button wouldn't have an icon
- Bugfix: the notice that groups and tabs can't be saved in private windows should only be shown once per window
- Bugfix: compatibility with Tab Mix Plus add-on's session manager (version or later only)
- Bugfix: while in groups mode you shouldn't be able to make any kind of text selections outside of group name fields or the search field
- Bugfix: compatibility with Vimperator add-on
- Other minor fixes

Version 1.0.1 521.6 KiB Works with Firefox 41.0a1 - 45.0a1

- New: can customize keyboard shortcuts for switching groups
- New: for users that install the add-on only after updating to Firefox 45, there will be a Load Migration Backup button in the Backup / Restore pane that loads directly the session backup file created by the migration, for ease of use
- Changed: added support for the following keys in the keyboard shortcuts: ` ´ ~ ^
- Changed: in private windows, Tab Groups mode will show a small notice at the bottom for a few seconds reminding you your groups and tabs won't be persisted after closing the window
- Changed: added ability to dismiss the warning at the bottom when it will not persist groups and tabs after closing the current (non-private) window
- Changed: can open the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J) from within TabView
- Updated: ensure UTF-8 character encoding throughout the code
- Updated: small code cleanup - trim trailing whitespaces
- Bugfix: "groups" attribute in toolbar button wouldn't exist when first starting up Firefox
- Bugfix: "Move to group" shouldn't be visible in the context menu for pinned tabs
- Bugfix: sometimes thumbnails for tabs with videos wouldn't update properly (credit to the8472, who wound up being uncredited in the changelog due to a fault of mine)
- Bugfix: tab thumbnails should be stored, so that when you next open the browser window, they're still there while the tab is still unloaded
- Bugfix: sometimes toggling the ctrl/alt/shift boxes in a keyboard shortcut wouldn't correctly reflect if the selected key was actually available
- Bugfix: compatibility with "Bug 566510 - Allow multiselect operations on tabs" add-on
- Bugfix: show a grabbing cursor when dragging tabs and groups
- Bugfix: couldn't use editing shortcuts Ctrl+LeftArrow/RightArrow/Backspace/Delete while editing a group title or typing in the search box
- Bugfix: after closing the current active tab while in groups mode, many keyboard shortcuts would be unusable, such as hitting Esc to leave groups mode
- Bugfix: closing the currently active tab while in groups mode should make active the immediately previous tab, or the tab that should be selected as defined by your custom preferences (i.e. Tab Mix Plus's settings)
- Bugfix: many tab related keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+Shift+T to undo closing a tab, wouldn't work while in groups mode
- Bugfix: tabs should not always be placed at the end of the group when reopening a closed tab while in groups mode

Version 1 509.2 KiB Works with Firefox 41.0a1 - 45.0a1

- Initial release