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  • I'm using it on Nightly on Windows 10. No problems. It kept my previous tab groups. The only way I knew I even had it installed for sure was the settings and help link in the tab group view. :)

    Developer response

    Yep, those are pretty much the only noticeable difference in tab groups mode. I'm glad it's working as it's supposed to so far. :)

  • Thanks soooo much! Firefox is my primary browser primarily because of this feature. At work I have to organize all the stuff I'm working on in parallel and this is a must have.
    Will this addon continue to work also when firefox removes the underlying tab management code as planned (bug 836758)?

    Developer response

    Absolutely, I made this add-on precisely for when the tab groups code is removed from Firefox itself.

    But everything that was said in bug 836758 about maintaining the code and breakage is valid. Right now almost everything is a direct copy of the code currently existing in Firefox. While I do plan to rewrite most things as I work on them, that will happen -very- gradually, I will focus on keeping up with compatibility with new versions of Firefox more than anything else.

    We'll see about a transition to WebExtensions when we get there. ;)

  • Thank you for this. It would be very difficult to use a browser without the ability to switch contexts so effortlessly.

    Developer response

    You're very welcome. Please remember that this is still fresh out of the oven, so let me know if you run into any issues. :)

  • Thank you very much for making it possible to keep using my favorite firefox feature!

    Developer response

    You're very welcome. Please remember this is still fresh from the oven, so let me know if you find any issues with it. :)