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904 reviews for this add-on
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  • If you are putting off the big update to Firefox 50, use Firefox ESR, where the old design returns and this addon functions perfectly. It will be around for a few more years to come. :)

  • This is simply the best add on EVER!!!!
    Mozilla Firefox, please make this add on available for all your updates!!!!

  • This is possibly my MOST USED add-on for Firefox. It's a shame it has been discontinued due to Firefox jumping the shark and killing the good add-ins. Easy to use, polished interface, and completely intuitive. Yes, everything is where it is expected to be. From adding new groups, switching groups, and moving tabs to new groups, this is THE tab organizer to own. This and Firebug is probably the main reasons I stayed on Firefox 49 and will NEVER upgrade to 50. Yes, it is that good.

  • Facile a utiliser et bigrement efficace cet outil, a quand sa venue chez Quantum ?????

  • A quand disponible pour la nouvelle version de Firefox ? Cette add-ons est plus qu'indispensable !!

  • A very polish tab management extension. This add-on is the main reason that I still prefer Firefox over other browsers.

  • it's simple, handy & very easy to get used to & make good, comfortable use of
    and is actually one of the main reasons I've been using Firefox
    seriously , Mozilla ... what is the matter with you ??

  • Just the best! only wish: 1 level of subgroups! <3 Happy Xmas!

    PS Anyone know how to manually delete a group which isn't deleted-able because it was created with the Tabgroup Menu addon? Thanks!

  • Il nous faut absolument ce module ! Il était trop bien

  • Completely astonishing that individuals can write such powerful useful software as this, but Mozilla Corporation can do nothing to support its continuance or provide anything of remotely comparable functionality or ease-of-use. I will stick with Firefox 56 as long as possible.
    I wonder if there are more effective ways of drawing in donations from people such as myself. I don't normally make random donations but would certainly buy this if it were for sale or contribute to a fund to port to the latest version of Firefox.

  • 我最喜欢的标签管理插件

  • it is coming as not supported in firefox 57.0.2 (Quantum) , please bring it back.

  • Please, make the version under 57! Many thanks for your work.

  • Great addon! It's one of the main reasons I am back to Firefox 56, I found the alternative one for Fx 57 difficult to use.
    Sorry to see you go. Thank you for your work!


  • Thank you very much so far
    I think that a substitution add-on is done.

  • I only realized how important Tab Groups was to me when Mozila disabled it in Firefox 57. Its was the apocalypse to me. QuickSaver, please, update this add-on. I am willing to donate to support you guys. Really needed Tab Groups working again.

  • It's incredibly usefull addon for people who have hundreds open pages! And because of this addon I dont install the last Firefox 57, I'm still using 56

  • This addon used to be the most reliable and helpful feature of my Firefox browser. I tend to keep 200+ tabs open and Tab Groups was a real life saver. It really helped to organize my space. I really hope that someday it will be supported on the new versions of Firefox, otherwise I might get lost in my tabs forever.

  • please update for the newest version of Firefox.

  • C'est un bureau de navigation très facile d'utilisation et très puissant pour organiser ses onglets par thème de navigation.
    Je l'utilise depuis plus d'un an et j'aurais du mal à m'en passer, j'ai d’ailleurs bloqué les maj de firefox en attendant une version compatible avec FF57. Absolument rien trouvé d'équivalent pour le moment.

  • Only 3/5 stars because it doesn't allow moving tab groups to a new window or between windows which makes the addon non-usable for my workflow.

    Thanks for supporting Firefox 52 ESR btw.

  • Great productivity tool

  • Hi! Really nice extention. But need new version, for Firefox 57.