906 reviews for this add-on
  • I just need it.
  • I miss it dearly.
  • Amazing extension. To bad it's incompatible ith FFQ
  • 新版里不能使用了,所以我基本都不用firefox了
  • awesome
  • It's was most powerful addon in FF.
  • A staple for my firefox setup for years. Now, if you want to upgrade to FF57+, check out the addon PANORAMA VIEW! It provides just the same funcionality, and you can even import your tabgroups backup. A worthy replacement to this great tool.
  • Why wasn't this open sourced for someone else to update it? someones needs to make an alternative or update this.
  • Will not work with version 56.1
  • Since this addon is no longer supported in Firefox quantum, goodbye Firefox, hello Chrome !
  • An addon that can change your habits of browsing and clean your daily work. Essential. A really good work.
  • Back
  • I wish this was available for FF 57 and up. The addons that are available now are junk.
  • That extension was mandatory!!
  • OMG have I missed this ability that FF took away so long ago.
    Had no idea an add-on could do this!
    Instead of having bookmark all, and placing them in folders,
    can now have my tab groups back.
    You are a Sanity Saver!
  • Is anyone listening??? You went ahead and discontinued the best feature on Firefox and left people hanging without a proper substitute. Now, I won't go to the extent of calling you "STUPID", but, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND"? Bring the feature back, period.
  • The only reason to keep the firefox 56.0.2 . I dislike Quantum for that reason
  • One of my most usable addons to use Firefox for work and private stuff and have everything organized!
  • yeah this is an awesome ADD-ONS. i really hope that it's redeveloped with all the version for Firefox. It's really sad to see this go.
    i hope that with all these reviews Tab Groups will be back.
  • Again, still one of the best add-ons for Firefox! It's a real shame that it hasn't been brought over for the new Mozilla Firefox Quantum, but it still works perfectly on the latest releases of Waterfox which has been my new default web browser since Mozilla's mistake.
  • Please bring it back that was best addon on firefox. That was a firefox.
  • please re-develop for FireFox 58 ...
  • Fantastic extension for Firefox versions <57
  • Probably the best FF addon ever. And showstopper for me, because it does not work on v57+. But this is Mozilla's fault and not author's.
    So, no FF 57 for me, I will stay on FF ESR release as long as it goes, then move so so other browser, preferably WaterFox if TabGroups will work on it.
    Shame on you, Mozilla. In v57, there is simply not functionality or extension for managing large group tabs. Damn you!
  • So sorry to see this is no longer compatible.
    I loved this add-on. As much as I use on-line resources, this made organizing that as easily as folders organize all the crap on my computer.
    Come back, Tab Groups, come back!