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  • I often have many projects or tasks going on simultaneously and use a different group for each one. What a great way of keeping the work together and organized. When it doesn't work right it take much more time. Keep up this great add-on! Thanks
  • J'utilise couramment ce module combiné au TabGroups Menu, hélas depuis la V45 de firefox ou les tab group ont été supprimés et ou il faut une extension (tab groups) pour récupérer les tab groups, si le menu marche toujours bien les group tabs fonctionnent moins bien :
    Ils s'affichent correctement et permettent de renommer un groupe, mais cliquer sur un tab n'affiche plus du tout le groupe concerné.
  • Nice idea. But it doesn't always function as expected.

    Sometimes the group bar doesn't appear. I thought I had lost all my open groups at one point. I had to install this add-on again to get them back.

    It could also do with a few more features/options.
    Stuff like customising the location of the tab groups, the style.

    Dragging and dropping would be very welcome too.
    Currently, you can't reorder the groups. At least not via drag and drop, and I haven't found another way to do so.
    The ability to drag a tab from one group to another would be nice. Currently you have to use Firefox's built in tab group manager to do so.

    Again, nice add-on. But needs some work.

    Keep up the good work!
  • Love it.. Unfortunately, its disappearing, sometimes. if i disabled Tab Groups Helper or the Tab Groups Helper it fix it the problem for sometimes, not good solution, becuse you need them to.
    Maybe all Firefox updates is the problem?
    Hope the developer fix the problem and hold this addon alive!!
  • Love it, but for some reason sometimes at restart the bar of groups doesn't ever show up. They are just completely missing without a trace or way to find them. If I restart the whole browser over again a few times then eventually they seem to magically reappear, but I never know if & when this might happen, or why.
  • Génial !
  • Need possibility to hide bar if one group remaining.
  • This is a great addon for Windows platforms, but it would be great if it was available on Linux and Mac OS's as well.
  • This add-on is quite promising and I have high hopes for it. I run my tabs on top in the title bar so it seems kind of awkward having it below on my setup. I think it'd be great if the group tabs were like pinned tabs, at the very beginning of your tab bar before the actual pinned tabs. I use another add-on called AppTabs Plus which lets you adjust the pinned tabs a bit, you can put a separator between those and your regular tabs. I think if this add-on was separated from your regular tabs in that sense, it would be very aesthetically pleasing. With that said, I'd definitely give it five stars if it was more seamless with the interface but overall functionality seems great so far. Nice work!
  • A very good and promising addon!

    My wishes for the next version:
    - reorder the groups (like tabs)
    - optionally display group-bar above tabs
    - bookmark all tabs in all groups at once

    Since the last update was back in March - will the extension be developed further?
  • This addon is exactly what I wanted. The only problem is I can't reorder the groups (slide them around like tabs). Of course there are other fancy little things you could add (colors, icons) but if I could just arranage the groups I would give 5 stars.
  • There is some issues, but I have posted it to GitHub.

    Я джва года ждал этот аддон!
  • No explanation how to do anything, and nothing is self-evident.
  • J'apprécie bien la fonctionnalité des tab, Dommage qu'on ne puisse pas déplacer la barre car si les onglets de firefox sont en haut ce n'est pas pratique.
    Ensuite je préfère à TabGroups menu mais je regrette qu'il n'y ait pas de comptage des onglet (en tooltip ?) en option.
    J'utilise en même temps ces deux extensions, et a nouveau elles cohabitent très bien. C'est parfait.
  • This addon does one thing, and does it right. But there are some other features i would absolutely love to see inside this very wonderful addon;

    - A new tab group button for opening a new blank group
    - Drag-and-drop (which would really be a set of functions to open a new tab group, then move the tab in there)
    - Drag between groups (Which would really be remove from old group, and move to new group)
    - Addon support, for addons like ColorfulTabs and GlassMyFox (Hack it in or get in touch with the developers and request them to add TGB support)
    - Integration of tab unloading support (via BarTab Heavy, BarTab Lite, UnloadTabs, SuspendTabs, etc).
    - Improved right-click support to show open tabs in a group, for quick access to pages in groups

    Aside from that don't really see how else this can be improved. Yeah I know I am asking you to install a lot of hooks for addons but people might want to mix functions together, and this addon can be improved vastly from what it already is, but it's been great work so far.
  • Excellent extension, it's lacking though so i combine it with Tab Group helper to get the functionality i desire.

    I do have on small request, i would love to have a second delay on the mouse hover over to reveal bar.

    I don't always want to see it yet i have to move past it to get to my tabs at the top so it opens up even when i don't want it to.

    Adding a second delay or the option to set a customised delay time would fix this issue.

    Many thanks
  • I wanted an add-on for switching between tab groups with a bar. First I tried "TabGroups Manager" but it is very buggy and bloated with unnecessary features. Also it doesn't integrate with Firefox's own tab groups, this means Firefox's tab group controls don't work, and when you uninstall the add-on you lose all the groups because they were never real Firefox groups to begin with.

    This add-on however does exactly what I need, is nice and simple, and seems very solid and bug-free. Thank you! :)

    I would like to request the following features (especially the first three):
    1. Wider tabs, ideally custom width (I only use 5 tab groups and they are currently very small on the left of the screen)
    2. Custom icon on the tab, this would make it more attractive and far easier to quickly find the right tab
    3. Number of tabs the group contains written on each tab (right aligned)
    4. Size option for the bar, allowing bigger text in taller tabs
    5. Ability to re-order/drag tabs

    Thank you!
  • Excellent work! Need a toggle icon to control the tabgroup bar show/hide
  • Great addon! please add hot keys for quick tabs switching
  • I'm uninstalling this until a new version comes out that gives us the option to sort our tab groups in alphabetical order, or the manual option to re-arrange the tab groups. Great work getting it started, but it really needs to be refined. I hope you keep it updated.
  • I'm watching this addon. Most see it as an alternative to TGM. TGM was a very good addon but was an overkill. It had way too many feathers with no way to turn them off when not needed. My advice is to keep this addon simple, customizable, and compatible with popular tab management addons.
  • This is a great addon. A must-have for a power user. It is what I was looking for since I do use tab groups all the time and the built-in one in Firefox is kind of limited and not so convenient. Managing groups through tabs was a brilliant idea. Job well done!

    The version 1.2 has a weird bug with the page scrolling on its own when you switch between group tabs. I went to your page on GitHub and got the newest version (1.4.3) which seems that fixes the scrolling bug. Other than that I haven't noticed any other bugs so far.

    I would like to make a few suggestions though.

    1. It would be nice to have a group tabs re-arrange feature. Just like you can re-arrange regular tabs by dragging them to change their order it would be nice to be able to do the same with group tabs.

    2. Drag'n'drop tabs from one group tab to another.

    3. Being able to change position of the group tab bar.

    Thank you for a very useful addon.
  • nice
  • Good extension, I really like it. Simple, yet very useful, works as described.

    By default it only supports light theme. Here is a custom dark style - http://userstyles.org/styles/98983/dark-skin-for-tabgroupbar-addon.

    I would suggest a small improvement - ability to organize (arrange) tab groups.
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