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  • How i know that extensions paid to charity? so! i disabled this addon..

  • good idea, but ads

  • I've been patient, but after nearly 5 months of this awful UI with no fix in sight, I'm leaving a 1 star review. They said they'll improve it on FB, but until then, the review stands.

  • good cause

  • A wonderful way to help. Also, the design is fantastic!

  • It was great the concept is great and the background was great, although I cannot get it to work on mobile Firefox, please tell me if I'm doing it wrong or its not meant for mobile. Just so you know I just started Firefox and vsauce sent me.

  • You should be able to choose between tile UI the new UI, and have the option to have Firefox Quantum new tab features.. The login system is bugged, since it used to stay on a blank page when logging in with Google. Now when you log into Tab for a Cause, it logs in, but signs you back out when you open a new tab. Add more features. THE NEW UPDATE IS PURELY FOR LOOKS AND MADE THE ADDON UNUSABLE! ONE STAR, WOULD USE IT IF GLADLY ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ITS USERS! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ADDON TO PEOPLE WHO VALUE USABILITY!

  • I think, it's a really good idea, because:
    - of the nice wallpaper
    - you can chose, where the money shall go
    - on the site aren't many pop-ups

    and so I want to support it.

  • Add more charities

  • Excellent extension. Every little bit counts, and eventually becomes much more than a little bit as long as everyone participates. Make the ads count where they should. Stop financing google, and give to where it's needed most.

  • Totes cool!

  • Would be 5 stars if not for the last UI/UX update that basically makes this addon unusable. Bring back the bookmarks grid.

  • I get the charity point but it is a usability loss for me. The standard Firefox new tab shows common visited websites, recent pages in history, all stuff that I can quilckly click and jump to.
    I'm not going back to type manually an address to have the bookmark there.


  • Great idea for a wonderful cheap easy way to donate to charity.

  • I love this add on and try to get people I care about to sign up. It works fine and is fast for me on Chrome but on Firefox it will not let me sign in with my Google or Facebook. The pop up window just stays blank and it will never log in. So I can't use it on Firefox. :(

  • I´m loving it!

  • Love using this, especially since it lets me set a custom background for new tabs. Only gripe I have is the limited number of charities you can donate to.

  • Awesome app

  • The redesign is so much smoother and easier on the eye. It opens up and loads faster, I can now search using Google in the search bar, and it is much more customizable.

  • The redesign ruined the usability of this extension.

  • The redesign ruins the entire point of the UI. The charity aspect is nice, but not good enough to keep and use.

  • The only problem I have is that sometimes the tab for a cause new tab page takes ages to load. I normally type in a new URL immediately after opening a new tab, but I have to wait on tab for a cause to load because I want it to be able to collect the ad revenue. So, I end up wasting like 5 or so seconds on each new tab.

  • Very good, but there is some bugs on this version. like I log in with google, then, open another tab it ask me again to login, firefox 57 manjaro version. on w10 didnt even ask to login

  • Really helpful extension awesome!

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