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  • This great add-on is the only reason I use FF developer edition instead of the regular one. I really hope and pray that Mozilla leave it alone, also in the future versions!
  • just like url focus,its awesome.
    FF57 version pls
  • Thank you for develop this extension. Due to this add-on, I abandon chrome and head to firefox. Hoping developer make a new version later, thanks!
  • Works in Quantum! 57+ and even in Nightly 59 if legacy support is enabled : extensions.legacy.enabled' to true in about:config
    Happy that this lightweight addon works.Did like this feature from tabmix plus but is breaking on 57+.This open tab with mouse over is the main reason to use FF.Cannot find this in other browsers.
  • 很实用的一款轻量级拓展,希望支持57+
  • Any chances to port it to WebExtentions?
    No, apparently Mozilla does not want Addons, which access core browser elements anymore. Addons which modify web content are fine for them, but core browser elements - no way.
    I really would like to port it. But with this interface its just not possible, because WebExtensions intentionally do not support the required functionality. Just read this bug report which is about one of the blockers: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1246706
  • A huge time saver, finger and mouse saving too.
  • 但是没有中文!!!!no Chinese i can not read!!!
  • Amazing, thank you so much for this addon!
  • Because I found out sometimes I want it to reload but not every time when I mouse over the tab. It would be greater if I can set it to e.g. - If I stay on the tab for 3/4 sec.then reload it, else just select the tab and bring it to the front. This is especially helpful when I watch youtube, switch to another tab(still listening to the audio), then when I come back it's auto reload right away and I hv to re-watch it again. So like < 3(or a preset) sec. no reload, >= 3 reload. Thank you so much for consider making it even better!! :D
  • Thanks for reply! I try to modify the delay value of preview mode and find that the problem solved when the delay value of preview mode close to that of normal mode.Hope that this can help other users who have the similar problem.
  • This little app is the number one reason I stay with Firefox and I am glad the developer has not abandoned but still developing this app...Thank You!
    Is it possible you just wrote a second review? Cause i received a notification, but now its gone. If that's the case, can you please contact me via the support email or the github link?
  • It works normal with Firefox 39.0
  • Used this extension for so long I forgot about it - till it didn't work in 36. Any chance of an update?

    Why this isn't an option in FF about:config is beyond me, it's as essential as paste and go.



    EDIT: Bernd, my bad. I actually was in a clean test profile at the time, when I noticed it disabled. For some reason it was flagged as disabled and not compatible in 36.0 - I forgot where I was and things behave differently there. All is fine elsewhere.
    Seems to be working correctly on 36.0.4. Perphaps another addon is interfering, have you tried it on an clean Firefox profile?
  • Love this add-on....
  • please update to work with firefox 31.0
    edit:thanks for replay after upgrade Firefox it disabled and go to incompatible state now i installed it from here and work very good
    should work nonetheless
  • so simple and great
  • Love this addon! Could not live without it now :)

    I'm sure my LMB will last longer now.
  • small, simple, high value~!
  • Fantastic Add-on

    Although, I don't see how anyone uses this and does not get annoyed quickly without using vertical-tabs/tab bar.
  • Works Perfect but I have an Aditional Idea:
    Since I dont need to click on the tab, left click should close the Tab (also you coulddisable the close tab button).
    This should be optional like your other options.
  • very comfortable
  • I Recommend this add on. For me this is really usefull! im using it everytime i use FireFox. i feel something missing or stuck without TabFocus add on in my FF... it help a lot and really makes my day!
    Thanks for this good add on!
  • Thanks Bernd! Already had done that for this one. As another reviewer posted, the focus was the only reason for using TMP, which is good for what it does, but not needed for all it's functions. This addon is a must once it is used. For some reason though, installing directly from this page does not work in 5.0.1
  • Simple add on and seems to work pretty well. It definitely makes flipping back and forth for reference easier.