Tab Effect Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Jason, Your Mod of Tab Effect has the same problem all the others have, in that Firefox loads with a Black Screen. The work around is to minimize, then maximize the Browser to get rid of that. Also, when loading pages with external pages, everything turns Black and the only remedy is to completely shut down Firefox and reload. This extension still needs work.
We need a true and working Tab Effect Extension for FF3.
With over 276 Comments requesting a working version for Firefox 3.XX, you would think that someone would update this extension!

Para50, only a lamer and a moron would post the same thing 3 times!! Does the shoe fit? Nobody is crying, merely pointing out that a Modified Tab effect that some people claim to work, doesn't!
Over 95% of all Add-ons/Extensions work nicely shortly after a new Firefox release, so your comment is pointless. FF3 was released on June 17/08, which gave the Extension developer plenty of time to update it!