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  • After many weeks i found out this extension was causing CMD+UP and CMD+DOWN arrows to stop working to scroll up and down pages (HOME and END equivalent in macOS vs Windows.) Very annoying.
    Yes it can be disabled in the settings, but it should not be enabled by default, hijacking basic Firefox shortcuts/functions.

    Other than that it's a great addon.
  • OMGOMGOMG Finally the Opera 12 behavior I missed so much.
  • That is what I want.
  • Yes, as someone stated below, it's surprising that this addon is not popular anywhere, I just tried clicking 9-10-ish search pages before the short description caught my attention. It seems that the author did not update the addon regularly, but maybe because it has been working perfectly! :) I was sad that the author of Tab Mix Plus has not updated his addon for Quantum, but now I've found this nice addon which has the function I need!
  • Really useful if you work with many open tabs.

    Stops Firefox from showing the last-opened tab after closing a tab.

    This extension shows, instead, the last-viewed tab after closing a tab - which to my mind is more logical.
  • Thank you for providing one of the most important (for me) functions of Tab Mix Plus!
  • I'm still trying to find extensions to replace all the functionality I used in Tab Mix Plus now that it is no longer compatible with Firefox and this gets me part of the way there. Thanks for making this!
  • Perfect, thanks!
  • I don't know why this addon isn't popular, but it must have for me.
    Do you plan to update for e10s compatibility? Or there some code in Firefox settings?
    I have a webextension compatible version, but it won't work on Firefox. See https://github.com/sblask/webextension-tab-deque/issues/7
  • So, bug:
    0. no tabs open
    1. open tab1
    2. open another tab2
    3. close tab1 (keep tab2 as current)
    4. close tab2
    5. get an sort of empty tab, where adress field doesn't work

    i have "Speed Dial" add-on (bug works doesn't matter is that addon on or off) , it can't grab that empty tab as new tab (guess that tab is something different).
    That's a feature actually, it's what happens when all the tabs are minimised. If you don't like it, you can change the extensions.tabdeque.clickToBackground setting in about: config
  • Great addon!
    Прекрасное дополнение!!! Теперь переключение между родственными вкладками одним кликом - как в старой доброй, но, увы, умирающей Оперы 12. Спасибо!
  • Edit: Awesome work by the developer to fix this so quickly! Thanks mate

    Great addon! Don't know how I've lived without it (loved Opera 12 back in the day). Only issue is that the addon is not really compatible with the new (as of Firefox 42) mute current tab by clicking the speaker icon feature. Hopefully this can be fixed.
    Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I just uploaded version 1.3.2 which will fix it, it just has to go through Mozilla's review first. The update should happen automatically once done. Please submit issues on Github/using the support mail address next time as communication is next to impossible through the review replies. Thanks!
  • It does its magic!
  • This is a must-have plugin for users migrating from Opera 12. The only downside is that "minimized" tabs are not displayed differently (dimmed), but it's better than nothing.
  • Thank you so much for this. It is a huge step in making Firefox comfortable to us used to Opera and at least IMO a massive UX improvement overall.
  • Is great! As a longtime Opera user I feel like I'm home!
    You can also check out my add-on collection that makes me feel like home coming from Opera: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/collections/sblask/opera12/
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