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  • It works just fine. It had however disappeared and i thought it had stopped working but if you go into customize you will see open tab count and i just moved it back next to add tab plus button and it works great
  • For anyone looking for a WebExtension alternative, I have included Tab Counting feature in FoxyTAb
  • Needs to be updated for the 57+ FF
  • I really liked this tab counter when it worked, I always like to know how many open tabs I currently have because sometimes I have as many as 700+ tabs open. Two problems thou, when I first installed it in Firefox 43.0.1 it wiped out all of my current open tabs. It also worked in Firefox 49.0.1 when I updated Firefox. Then I installed Session Manager and this Tab Counter stopped working. Tried a reinstall but still no luck.
  • I like this add-on when it was working. Because it was such a good add-on but not is a not working in Firefox Nightly 55 and... it is disabled because it is not comparable with e10s.
    Please this add-on is disabled.. because it is not compatible with mulltiprocess. Please make this add-on compatible with mulltiprocess... so this add-on can be used. Thank you
  • good and simple addon
  • Worked great, but doesn't support e10s. If the author won't update the addon, you can use "Tab Count" by plujon. It shows a "badge" instead of plain number, but works fine.
  • Thanks for the great work, i like the extension.
    It would be great to have some e10s support in this extension.
  • Never though a minimalistic add-on could be made to to add beside the tabs..
    Its simple but amazing
  • It is OK, because it allows the tab indicator to be customized, especially the color, because the size and the font didn't change. But the bad thing is that is uses more memory than other tabs indicators. I would like to have several badges too, as it is possible to have an andvanced indicator, the # of the active tab, the number of tabs preceding, the number of visible tabs (and invisible tabs?), etc...
  • Do what you expect from him, work perfectly! Thank you!
  • Thanks to this addon I finally know that I'm tab-opening maniac :D

    Thank you for this addon :)
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  • I´ve tested several tab-counters out there but this one´s the best. It counts the tabs per window, not the sum of all windows. You can also customize the counter very well, which is necessary to easily catch it´s value. Works perfectly in Firefox V45.3.0 for those who prefer the ESR-version.

    Thanks so much!
  • The addone is great, but the the scrollbar in list of open tabs doesn't work in Firefox 47.0
  • It just works :) It does not matter what other extensions or themes you are using.
  • Working in 47.0.1
  • Parabéns ao Desenvolvedor!
  • will give five star if font formatting becomes easier.
  • I confirm, it works fine with Firefox 46.0.1 (x86) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
  • No longer works in recent firefox.
  • Anyone figured out what to put in the box to make the font LARGER, BOLDER and easier to SEE?
  • The widget is on the right side of the tabs though only shows the tabs in the current window. Would be good to replace that useless "Tabs" with the total tabs in FF. Like 190/523 or so.
  • This is a most helpful tool, just to keep track. I often have more tabs open than I can see in the tab bar. Without tab counter telling me how many, things sometimes got messy.
    With "%vc of %vn " I know where I am in the visible tabs, perfect.

    Dieses Addon ist sehr hilfreich um die Übersicht zu behalten. Ich habe oft mehr Tabs offen, als in die Tab-Zeile passen. Ohne die Info welche von wievielen Tabs ich vor mir hab hat oft zu Problemen geführt.
    Mit "%vc von %vn" weis ich genau, wo ich bei den sichtbare Tabs bin, perfekt.
  • Tab Counter
    Firefox 44.0
    Ubuntu 15.04

    Didn't even have to restart.
    Only issues I'm seeing now are:
    1) can't seem to change the font size in the options
    can change the color, but not the size

    2) mouseover for the format string isn't showing properly
    Shows the explanations in white on black, but I can't see
    the actual formats like %n etc.