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  • In performance I would have rated this add-on a 10 stars, BUT, I HAVE TRIED SEVERAL TIMES, WASTED LOTS OF TIME in its "display". It is confusing and I can not get it to work [displaying the the count tab only ONE WAY.] WHITE NUMBER, NO BACKGROUND. All I get is a WHITE number when the options appear to be able to do more to make the count more visible. It is the fastest, most accurate, but the COUNT is not as visible as it could be IF IT performed as it seems it should.
    You can open a issue on github if you want to, but from what you've written here:

    If you're using icon mode: white text and transparent background seem to work for me

    If you're using badge mode: this mode was more of an afterthought - there seem to be better addons out there for this case. No badge background isn't possible (though I could implement a transparent icon underneath) - the API only allows opaque colors. Setting the badge text color separately has also only been supported since Firefox 63

    maybe you could clarify what exactly you're trying to do which isn't working
  • this icon is the best
  • I have used an identical app on earlier versions.

    However this app only worked for a few days before deciding it would only list the global amount of opened tabs. I never had it checked for that as it is not needed.

    It is hard now as with Firefox's new system nearly all of the good ones (ones which display like this) are gone.
  • Handy Tab Counter with options, including count setting: Per Window or Globally.

    Gosh, 628 tabs after a whole 2 days of cleaning up.
  • シンプルで良い
  • It's the one that has the more customization options for appearance, chosing between badge or icon display, and background colors, (but number size, choosing fonts, font color is only in icon mode, not in badge mode). Sits near the URL bar.

    There's a lot of tabs counter, but this one is my favorite, I like the big numbers in the bar.
  • Great extension!
  • This is a great Add-on! A big help in managing tab-overrun! Great job!
  • love it :D
    what a grate extension :D
    and the setting and the choices that it has :D

    Let's say: 3 open windows and 2 tabs in each window (2*3 =6)
    The extension can also view the number of tabs as:
    6 total tabs, and 3 windows!

    Still, love it :D
  • Look much more harmonious than other same kind of addons!
    But would be greater if font weight can be adjusted.
  • Flickers on tab-change and new tab. Font parameter instructions are confusing and unclear.
    A pretty font selection GUI doesn't seem to be possible, so I decided to just let the user specify the exact value, since it's just a CSS `font` property (except for the size part, which my addon has to set automatically).
    I personally use `"fira sans", sans-serif`.

    As for the flickering: It does go away if you use the 'Global' option, which would make it so that the number is the total tab count for all windows. If you don't want that there isn't any other way I know of to solve this. It bothers me to, but what can you do, it's an API restriction. But maybe I should just make 'Global' the default.

    update: since firefox 62 the flickering should be gone because of the new windowId parameter for browserAction.setIcon()
  • Nice, Simple, Clean :)
    Thanks for an excellent job!
  • I love that I can see it!
    The number is in black, large enough to see and is NOT being obscured by the "colorful tabs" that are in blue.
    Thanks for an excellent job!
  • Perfect extension … Have tried almost all Tab counting extensions … this is one of the best.
    Lightweight, large display, nice customization ... is doing the job.
    Thanks ... :)
  • A good replacement for the old tab counter I used to have. It's fully customisable to get the font and colour just right!
  • absolute perfection
    colors and scope are customizable :)

    edit: stopped using this, because this plugin shows the Count prettier + adds tab search:
  • works good, except for one thing: when adding tabs, the count is accurate. When closing tabs, count is off by the number of pinned tabs u have. Noticed this on another old tab counting extension, Tab Counter, dont know how he fixed it though. Also, a "x of y" feature would be nice. (Tab 2 of 4)

    Thx for providing this before the WE-pocolypse.
  • Looks much better than the others
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