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  • Search tabs is the killer feature.
    Next is CSS based setting. We can adjust all the features.
  • Could you please add the function that we can select tabs between different windows?
    Thanks for the great extension.
  • Very useful.THANK YOU!
  • So, kudos to you for doing this, and I'm not sure how exactly it was implemented, but it looks pretty swell. Tree-style tabs is the main reason I refuse to update Firefox & use Waterfox/Cyberfox etc, and probably never will change this unless there is something of equivalent quality. This addon *almost* does it. Unfortunately, there is no hierarchy tree-style of tab organization, so it isn't exactly as useful as it should be. I would really love to see the ability to control the height of tabs.
    Really love that this has a tab search! omg

    Keep up the great work! :) Hope to see some changes.
  • Куча открытых вкладок всегда под рукой, в нужном месте экрана.
  • As someone who regularly has 30+ tabs open, this extension is fantastic. The clear status signifiers, the greyed out titles for unloaded tabs and compact pinned tabs, and search box make for a great UX. As a user of Vertical Tabs Redux, this addon feels cleaner and less flaky.
  • I feel this extension slows my firefox. Have you ever feel the same?
  • Thank you for continuing the test pilot project!

    Keeps getting better with each update, which reminded me I should give a rating.

    Keep it up.
  • I still miss the old Tab Mix Plus although I've long wish the tabs can move to the side than on the top, which is exactly Tab Redux has done, kudos!

    Yet there isn't much control, e.g. location of new tab (after last or next), coloring, ordering etc. all those nice Tab Mix Plus had spoiled me for years now must start all over again because Tab Mix has stopped working with the new Firefox.

    Redux is so far the best tab add on can be found that place the tab on the side while compatible with the new Firefox.
  • The only thing I am missing is a contex menu entry with the list of closed tabs and the option to reopen them (like in the history menu)
  • The main reason I use Firefox is because vertical tabs nurtured my tab hoarding habits. No other browser has descent support for this feature.

    When vertical tabs and tab center were gone, I thought I would have to start being reasonable and close my tabs. It was a scary thought, but quickly this guy came for my help.
    Now I can hoard in peace again.

    I just wish we could hide the top navigation without .css hacks, but I understand it's a browser limitation.
  • Nice!
    I added custom CSS

    #tablist.shrinked .tab {
    height: 25px;
  • I like very much this addon but i must to auto-hide itself if mouse is not over and let it only visible the screenshot of the web.
  • One of the best add-on i have seen Works superb Especially if i open lot of tabs. Thanks!!
  • I'll give 5, but one bug: Top tabs are also visible
    and one feature suggestion: 2 or multiple rows for the tabs if there are so many that they need to be scrolled?
    Thanks! I can finally read what tabs really are open.
  • Copy from tab mix plus hover=activate tab? I'm addicted to this feature ;(
  • 1. Is there a way on search to open the first match on ENTER? Is tricky bring the mouse again to open the result.

    2. It will be very handy to have an shortcut.
  • I cannot imagine browsing without it. It also has dark theme, which is neat!

    Although some icons in dark theme could be more visible. So after polishing that and after Mozilla implements said tab toolbar show/hide API, this extension will be even better.
  • Difficult to configure for those who don't know CSS.
    How to hide/show tab bar is not very intuitive.
    Can't drag-and-drop a URL onto the tab bar.
    Adjustable width via splitter would be nice.
    CRITICAL: Context menu is missing "Undo Close Tab"

    EDIT: Ctrl+Shift+T will undo a closed tab, but a menu entry would still be nice.
  • Was hoping it would replace all the tabs at the top with just the side bar but it leaves them at the top as well. works great for me otherwise
  • Loved original Tab Center, despite it's flaws, so was disappointed when it stopped in labs, even more when it broke completely after update to ff56. This helps. It's not perfect, but will require help from the firefox dev team to fix, and in the mean time, it' s (much) better than nothing. Thank you.
  • good simple
  • One of my favourite add-ons for Firefox. Works brilliantly. Especially if you're that person with quite a lot of tabs open.