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  • I installed this as a stop gap to replace Tab Groups (which isn't getting updated still thanks to the author(s)). For that purpose this works well. I can probably live with this until an addon which lets me sort my tabs by group comes along.

    Works well with the 150+ tabs that I have. I think the major advantage is that the vertical tab orientation is that more of the tab's title is visible.

    I'd recommend it to anyone needing some way to manage a large amount of tabs.
  • A must have, the best sidebar tabs available for now. It should be a native Firefox feature, wake up Mozilla.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcut to open this sidebar would be really handy. Other than that, it's pretty neat. The best part it's pretty well integrated from design perspective.

    Edit: Actually found the hotkey now (Which is: Ctrl+Shift+O for Windows). But the fact that I had to do some digging to find it is a somewhat unpleasant experience. There should be some sort of info text next to it in "sidebars" menu. Also, it's not still not customizable, by conventional methods that is.

    I personally use AutoHotkey to rebind that hotkey to something that suits me.
  • I finding replacement after Tab Groups addon (https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/tab-groups-panorama) like many people using FF. But for this time there are missing many important features like keyboard shortcut, global preview in "new tab" (I using mainly for finding specific tab).
    This addon is for this time clothest to what I want, but for future I try find something better for me.
  • Until It can hide original tabs.
  • I appreciate the effort that went into this. However someone with ~60 tabs (like me) will miss having something like multiple columns so that you don't have to scroll up and down (Tab Mix Plus has multiple rows for the same reason).

    Keep up the good work.
  • Works great
  • I was looking for a replacement for Tab Mix Plus.
    This isn't it, but I like it.
  • It's neat! 90% of all web content primarily relies on vertical screen estate meanwhile all screens are more wide than tall. This is why it's so much better (for me at least!) to put the task bar at the edge of the screen instead of the bottom.
    This extension allows me to further decrease the vertical screen estate that Firefox consumes with the tabs, and instead move the tabs to the sides.

    The only thing I'm missing is to be able to make the bookmark-/tabs-side panel even smaller, as it is quite broad right now.
  • Shortly: Ok!
  • Search tabs is the killer feature.
    Next is CSS based setting. We can adjust all the features.
  • Could you please add the function that we can select tabs between different windows?
    Thanks for the great extension.
  • Very useful.THANK YOU!
  • So, kudos to you for doing this, and I'm not sure how exactly it was implemented, but it looks pretty swell. Tree-style tabs is the main reason I refuse to update Firefox & use Waterfox/Cyberfox etc, and probably never will change this unless there is something of equivalent quality. This addon *almost* does it. Unfortunately, there is no hierarchy tree-style of tab organization, so it isn't exactly as useful as it should be. I would really love to see the ability to control the height of tabs.
    Really love that this has a tab search! omg

    Keep up the great work! :) Hope to see some changes.