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  • I've decided to give this addon a try. Here are my points:
    - Basically it does what it should.
    - Would it be possible to make the list *really* compact in Compact mode? For example, Vertigo Tabs can display the tabs in appr. half height. No need for 9 pixels of padding. Now I have to scroll for the same number of tabs.
    - Other solutions can mark the not-yet-loaded tabs with grayed text.

    (To note, the original tab bar can be hidden via CSS editing.)

    Edit: Thank you for dealing with my feedback. Rating updated. :)
  • The extension itself is fine, but it's unfortunate that you can't hide the standard tab bar...
  • Good add-on but I would love to be able to view the downloads tab and extensions tab as was the case with All-In-One Sidebar
  • This is everything I ever wanted! Thank you for this :).
  • Simple and fast
  • Excellent add-on! If you want a vertical tabs solution in Firefox, this is the best way to do it. It has a wonderful "Search tabs" feature that allows you to search for a tab by its title; this is super handy if you have a habit of leaving a ton of tabs open. Really nothing more to say; it Just Works, provides helpful functionality, and it looks good doing it.
  • Fast and simple enough for me to use it every day. The biggest flaws for me right now are the hard-coded keyboard shortcuts and on top of that they are even different on Windows and Linux. This needs to be fixed
  • very useful addon if too many tabs stick in your firefox ,nice job dude!
  • I tried 4 other vertical tab addons. They were all either overloaded with features or missing one I rely on...till Tab Center Redux. It works exactly right. Thanks for the Extension!
  • Une lecture facilitée des onglets ouverts. Discret et efficace. Sera parfait quand les onglets ouverts disparaîtront de la barre horizontale haute.
  • It's a very big UI flaw that I can't open my bookmarks or history up along side the tabs (as they are both stuck in a single sidebar pane). Please complain to Mozilla about this.
  • Does what it says. I still prefer top tabs though.
  • Good implementation. Right now seems to be the best balance of features & looks among the 'tree tab' extensions for firefox. Keep it up!
  • I want to know why this addon asks for the permissions it does, like "access your data for all web sites" seems very invasive and open to abuse.Appreciate it's done on your free time. Can it be made to work with lesser permissions
  • Finally, a great, simple restoration of tabs on the side for Firefox Quantum. I love it!

    Addition of compact view that only shows tab thumbnails when sidebar is minimized would be great.

    Also, I would love an option that hides the default top tab bar when side tabs are enabled!