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  • Great! Completly deactivated the Tabbar via userchrome.css and using only this addon.

    One thing: Double click to close a tab would be great!
    Update the extension and set "browser.tabs.closeTabByDblclick" to true in about:config :)
  • Nice add-on. It would be great to have color coding of tabs based on domain.
  • Чрезвычайно полезный и удобный плагин, делающий возможной манипуляции со множеством вкладок.
    Проблема в том только, что данный плагин без глубокой настройки FireFox через about:config моментально наглухо вешает браузер, делая работу с ним невозможной.
  • The ability to write custom css rules makes this add-on fantastic, you can change it exactly like you want it

    P. S.
    For userChrome.css ->
    Hide the horizontal tab strip
  • Please update to work with add-ons such as Panorama View.

    Edit: Thanks. The latest update fixed this.
  • I like the tabs being on the left side of the page and vertical not horizontal and on the top of the page. However, there are two things that bugged me enough to uninstall this.
    1. Tabs still appear at the top of the page, so now you have tabs in two locations. That bothered me a lot.
    2. In the compact mode of the tabs, I wanted the width of the tabs to be shorter so that I could see more of the page. I was able to adjust to width of the column shorter than the default but I wanted to go further than the limit to make it just a half inch column on the side of the page. As it is, it takes up too much visual space for me to appreciate it.
  • Perfect extension! Made me to return to FF!
  • nice!
  • Works great! With my CSS autohide tab bar and url bar....
  • This extension ought to be featured.
    Has a dark theme so that the tabs sidebar won't distract you.
    Has thumbnail previews of tabs (can be disabled if you prefer to).
    Firefox should have this built in infact.

    Any tips on how to disable the top tab bar then?
  • It's the best side-tabs extension I've used. As a bonus, I feel like the design aesthetic fits well with Firefox Quantum.
  • A must have plugin
  • I've decided to give this addon a try. Here are my points:
    - Basically it does what it should.
    - Would it be possible to make the list *really* compact in Compact mode? For example, Vertigo Tabs can display the tabs in appr. half height. No need for 9 pixels of padding. Now I have to scroll for the same number of tabs.
    - Other solutions can mark the not-yet-loaded tabs with grayed text.

    (To note, the original tab bar can be hidden via CSS editing.)

    Edit: Thank you for dealing with my feedback. Rating updated. :)
  • The extension itself is fine, but it's unfortunate that you can't hide the standard tab bar...
  • Good add-on but I would love to be able to view the downloads tab and extensions tab as was the case with All-In-One Sidebar
  • This is everything I ever wanted! Thank you for this :).
  • Simple and fast