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  • This extension is amazing. I forgot I had it and assumed it was PART of firefox! Something that would improve it is making the focus go automatically to the search box when the sidebar is opened. 5 stars.
  • Tab Center Redux is just enough complexity and features for me - the essentially useful vertical tabs, but no overly complex tree hierarchy management. It is pretty much the sole reason I have kept using Firefox for so long.
  • Was pretty decent a while ago but seems to cause extreme slowdowns and hangs now if you have a large number of tabs open. Even happens on very powerful PCs.
  • Features are pretty good, but it's a little slow.

    And I want similar effect when navigating among those vertical tabs like "Virtual Tabs" from the developer of the great "Tab Scope" addon.

    Virtual Tabs addon link ->
  • Very impressed. I switched from Tree Style tabs to avoid an addon conflict. The CSS customization options are awesome.
  • When I close the sidebar with the X (Close sidebar) button, I can't open it back until I click the toolbar button twice.
    I'm guessing it doesn't know that I closed it so the "toggle" doesn't work.
  • Excellent ans Smooooth ...!! but Cant able to identify the active tab when i turned on the 'integrate with current theme" its all dark when the theme is dark.. pls resolve it.