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  • Tab Center Redux is just enough complexity and features for me - the essentially useful vertical tabs, but no overly complex tree hierarchy management. It is pretty much the sole reason I have kept using Firefox for so long.
  • Was pretty decent a while ago but seems to cause extreme slowdowns and hangs now if you have a large number of tabs open. Even happens on very powerful PCs.
  • Features are pretty good, but it's a little slow.

    And I want similar effect when navigating among those vertical tabs like "Virtual Tabs" from the developer of the great "Tab Scope" addon.

    Virtual Tabs addon link ->
  • Very impressed. I switched from Tree Style tabs to avoid an addon conflict. The CSS customization options are awesome.
  • When I close the sidebar with the X (Close sidebar) button, I can't open it back until I click the toolbar button twice.
    I'm guessing it doesn't know that I closed it so the "toggle" doesn't work.
  • Excellent ans Smooooth ...!! but Cant able to identify the active tab when i turned on the 'integrate with current theme" its all dark when the theme is dark.. pls resolve it.
  • Holysh*t! It has a dark theme and can be integrated with current theme too! Extremely useful for mass of tabs finding, providing better experience than the old similar XUL extension Vertical Tab.
  • Really nice to be able to search the tabs for those relating to a particular keyword. What is unhelpful usability is that the second you click on one of the tabs, the search results are lost. So if you want to navigate to another tab on the same subject, one has to repeat the search. This is a time waster. In fact, rather irritating. I thought a previous version retained the search results, so one can look through all the tabs pertaining to the particular keyword(s). Please reinstate that behaviour.