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  • The best vertical tabs addon IMO, Be sure to check out the theme I designed for it, on the wiki page.
  • Please, add folders!
  • As promised, will update rating after testing. So, tested for a month and its perfect. No performance issues at all. Love you man. Thanks
  • I have a large session (4K+ tabs) and, unfortunately, since version 0.7.0 Tab Center Redux degrades firefox performance enormously (huge increase in memory consumption, huge increase in startup time and firefox becomes unresponsive at times). Unusable for these reasons. FWIW, I have a decent rig: 64GB RAM, dual Xeon with 16 cores/ 32 threads so the hardware should not be an issue.
  • This extension is amazing. I forgot I had it and assumed it was PART of firefox! Something that would improve it is making the focus go automatically to the search box when the sidebar is opened. 5 stars.
  • Tab Center Redux is just enough complexity and features for me - the essentially useful vertical tabs, but no overly complex tree hierarchy management. It is pretty much the sole reason I have kept using Firefox for so long.
  • Was pretty decent a while ago but seems to cause extreme slowdowns and hangs now if you have a large number of tabs open. Even happens on very powerful PCs.
  • Features are pretty good, but it's a little slow.

    And I want similar effect when navigating among those vertical tabs like "Virtual Tabs" from the developer of the great "Tab Scope" addon.

    Virtual Tabs addon link ->