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  • Estupenda y muy bonita. Se integra a la perfección con el tema del usuario y funciona muy bien.
  • Единственное чего не хватает — это меню ранее закрытых вкладок, по нажатию правой кнопки мыши. Добавляемое расширением "Undo Close Tab Button".
    А так, все отлично! И это действительно хорошая замена оригинальной панели вкладок.
  • Das Add-On durfte ich bereits als Testpilot nutzen, und hatte es bis heute gesucht. Ich bin extrem zufrieden damit, da es das Tab-Managment erheblich erleichtert. Eine der Must-Have Add-ons die es überhaupt gibt !

    Best Add-on for Firefox. Every Browser should have this out-of-the-box !

    good work !
  • I would prefer this as a toolbar button so I can put it in the top right corner but what it does, it does it well. It scrolls the currently selected tab into view, allows you to change the line-height via CSS and grays out not yet opened tabs when the current session is a restored one. Allows for drag'n'drop (to reorganize) but doesn't support drag'n'drop multiple tabs like All Tabs Helper does
  • The best vertical tabs addon IMO, Be sure to check out the theme I designed for it, on the wiki page.
  • As promised, will update rating after testing. So, tested for a month and its perfect. No performance issues at all. Love you man. Thanks
  • I have a large session (4K+ tabs) and, unfortunately, since version 0.7.0 Tab Center Redux degrades firefox performance enormously (huge increase in memory consumption, huge increase in startup time and firefox becomes unresponsive at times). Unusable for these reasons. FWIW, I have a decent rig: 64GB RAM, dual Xeon with 16 cores/ 32 threads so the hardware should not be an issue.