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  • I would prefer this as a toolbar button so I can put it in the top right corner but what it does, it does it well. It scrolls the currently selected tab into view, allows you to change the line-height via CSS and grays out not yet opened tabs when the current session is a restored one. Allows for drag'n'drop (to reorganize) but doesn't support drag'n'drop multiple tabs like All Tabs Helper does
  • The best vertical tabs addon IMO, Be sure to check out the theme I designed for it, on the wiki page.
  • Please, add folders!
  • As promised, will update rating after testing. So, tested for a month and its perfect. No performance issues at all. Love you man. Thanks
  • This extension is amazing. I forgot I had it and assumed it was PART of firefox! Something that would improve it is making the focus go automatically to the search box when the sidebar is opened. 5 stars.
  • Tab Center Redux is just enough complexity and features for me - the essentially useful vertical tabs, but no overly complex tree hierarchy management. It is pretty much the sole reason I have kept using Firefox for so long.
  • Was pretty decent a while ago but seems to cause extreme slowdowns and hangs now if you have a large number of tabs open. Even happens on very powerful PCs.