235 reviews
  • Most helpful!
    Enjoy dark mode and hot-key (especially F1 in Linux!)
    Would give 5+ if hot-key could be manually set too.
  • Simple, brilliant and useful!
    I was looking for a simple way to display all tabs of a window in the sidebar, for easy and efficient navigation when you have many 200+ tabs.
    They are many extensions doing this, but this one is the BEST, most simple and effective one.
    It doesn't care much about the display in tree form or child and child tabs.
    It just put list of your tabs vertically in the sidebar, exactly as they are horizontally in the tab bar, and that's totally sufficient !

    Some customization for a 'simple' tree display, child tabs, or the size of the tabs 'could be' very good, but are not totally necessary. It just works well as is.a
  • I have tried quite a few vertical-list-style tab management addons and Tab Center Redux is the best by far. All the features you want and easy to use.
  • Estupenda y muy bonita. Se integra a la perfección con el tema del usuario y funciona muy bien.
  • Единственное чего не хватает — это меню ранее закрытых вкладок, по нажатию правой кнопки мыши. Добавляемое расширением "Undo Close Tab Button".
    А так, все отлично! И это действительно хорошая замена оригинальной панели вкладок.
  • Das Add-On durfte ich bereits als Testpilot nutzen, und hatte es bis heute gesucht. Ich bin extrem zufrieden damit, da es das Tab-Managment erheblich erleichtert. Eine der Must-Have Add-ons die es überhaupt gibt !

    Best Add-on for Firefox. Every Browser should have this out-of-the-box !

    good work !
  • I would prefer this as a toolbar button so I can put it in the top right corner but what it does, it does it well. It scrolls the currently selected tab into view, allows you to change the line-height via CSS and grays out not yet opened tabs when the current session is a restored one. Allows for drag'n'drop (to reorganize) but doesn't support drag'n'drop multiple tabs like All Tabs Helper does