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  • A great way to organize my standard 50+ tabs configuration. On the down side, It encourages me to open even more links in a new tab while reading stuff on the internet :-)

    I realy like that it is possible to alter the appearance by simply writing some CSS (Or coping it from there GitHub)

  • Best addon

  • Allowed to me to have hundreds of pinned tabs and still have a great overview and management.

    Unfortunately, lately I haven't been able to see the tabs that aren't pinned. the list stops with the last pinned tab. I still can navigate to the other tabs with the shortcuts but can't see them in the redux sidebar. Please fix this !

    Also, something that is lacking is tab search shortcut or just sending the focus to the search field when using the bar shortcut (ctrl-shift-o)

    Finally, when using the tab search, it would be better to have the tab navigation shortcuts use the tabs from the search results and not the whole tab list

  • Has been working very well for me. Good substitute for ”Show tab overview” in Safari which I initially missed when switching to Firefox on my Mac.

  • I'm late to updating to the latest build of FF from the "old days" - mainly because I was very, VERY attached to some of me add-ons. The most cherished of these revolved around how I managed my tabbed experience. I tend to have a LOT of open tabs & tab trees; and as such, I've been using a vertical, "tree-stye", and colorful tab experience. The three "legacy" add-ons I primarily used were Tree-Style Tabs, Colorful Tabs, and Tab Mix Plus. I waited until upgraded versions or suitable replacements existed for these.

    Turns out, Tab Center Redux is one of these, and one of the better ones at that.

    I am very impressed with the assortment of features available in this add-on, and especially how they are integrated. For instance, I really like having the "New Tab", "Search Tab", and "Options" available in a single bar at the top of the tab sidebar - the less clicks the better and all that.

    One of the most clever features I've found is the ability to truly customize the look-n-feel of the tab sidebar via the use of CSS/HTML. Since most geeks and power users (definitely me, and probably you too if you're reading this ;) ) are notoriously picky about how their toys look, this allows us to customize to our heart's content (and it releases the original developer of this tool from the unenviable task of trying to satisfy this crowd, too - well played. :D)

    I didn't give Tab Center Redux five stars because a) I haven't had a chance to really dig in and see exactly what it can do, and b) I don't want to reward or punish the developer for the sins or virtues of Firefox itself. If it's out of the dev's hands, then it's not their fault. After I become more familiar with the tool I'll happily raise (or lower) my rating accordingly.

    Simply put, Tab Center Redux is definitely worth an install and look-see if you're in the market for a vertical tab bar with some nice features and customization possibilities. Most likely you'll be pleasantly surprised - and you could definitely could do a lot worse.

    Stay tuned!

  • seems to work fine.
    But closing a tab by doubleclick is not working.
    I added 'browser.tabs.closeTabByDblclick' to about:config 'modified" boolean' 'true'

  • Best Tab manager I could find.

  • very helpful addon

  • Great! Completly deactivated the Tabbar via userchrome.css and using only this addon.

    One thing: Double click to close a tab would be great!

    Developer response

    Update the extension and set "browser.tabs.closeTabByDblclick" to true in about:config :)

  • Nice add-on. It would be great to have color coding of tabs based on domain.

  • Чрезвычайно полезный и удобный плагин, делающий возможной манипуляции со множеством вкладок.
    Проблема в том только, что данный плагин без глубокой настройки FireFox через about:config моментально наглухо вешает браузер, делая работу с ним невозможной.

  • The ability to write custom css rules makes this add-on fantastic, you can change it exactly like you want it

    P. S.
    For userChrome.css ->
    Hide the horizontal tab strip

  • Please update to work with add-ons such as Panorama View.

    Edit: Thanks. The latest update fixed this.

  • I like the tabs being on the left side of the page and vertical not horizontal and on the top of the page. However, there are two things that bugged me enough to uninstall this.
    1. Tabs still appear at the top of the page, so now you have tabs in two locations. That bothered me a lot.
    2. In the compact mode of the tabs, I wanted the width of the tabs to be shorter so that I could see more of the page. I was able to adjust to width of the column shorter than the default but I wanted to go further than the limit to make it just a half inch column on the side of the page. As it is, it takes up too much visual space for me to appreciate it.

  • Perfect extension! Made me to return to FF!

  • nice!

  • Works great! With my CSS autohide tab bar and url bar....

  • This extension ought to be featured.
    Has a dark theme so that the tabs sidebar won't distract you.
    Has thumbnail previews of tabs (can be disabled if you prefer to).
    Firefox should have this built in infact.

    Any tips on how to disable the top tab bar then?

  • It's the best side-tabs extension I've used. As a bonus, I feel like the design aesthetic fits well with Firefox Quantum.

  • A must have plugin

  • I've decided to give this addon a try. Here are my points:
    - Basically it does what it should.
    - Would it be possible to make the list *really* compact in Compact mode? For example, Vertigo Tabs can display the tabs in appr. half height. No need for 9 pixels of padding. Now I have to scroll for the same number of tabs.
    - Other solutions can mark the not-yet-loaded tabs with grayed text.

    (To note, the original tab bar can be hidden via CSS editing.)

    Edit: Thank you for dealing with my feedback. Rating updated. :)

  • The extension itself is fine, but it's unfortunate that you can't hide the standard tab bar...

  • Good add-on but I would love to be able to view the downloads tab and extensions tab as was the case with All-In-One Sidebar

  • This is everything I ever wanted! Thank you for this :).

  • Simple and fast