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  • Well, it now seems to work just fine again with Pale Moon 28 (not 27, v.28 is in beta and soon to be released) so I'm back to Tab Badge, version 2.1. I wish the author would publish it to the Pale Moon Add-ons site.
  • It works and is not too big.
  • Great extension, and I've been a happy user for years, but given that it's being abandoned according to the top-level description ("This add-on is not being converted to a WebExtension"), it's unfortunately useless moving forward.
  • Und somit unbrauchbar.
  • The badge is not working as expected when using Firefox 55 and FXChrome 55.
  • Very good! Working perfectly with Firefox 52.0.2, continue with the development. :) Thank you!!!
  • On Firefox Nightly 53.0a1 64bits Preferences page show a: "The address isn’t valid" error
  • ... which is the coolest feature, since many webapps do not make proper use of it yet.
  • i cannot see any kind of tab badge in my pinned app tabs..why?
    FF 43beta*

    so if doesn't work in pinned tabs its pretty useless.
  • les sons ne fonctionnent pas
    firefox 42
  • With version 2, in whitelist mode there is a very long context menu entry for each tab. Can you please provide a way to disable it? Thanks
  • that’s true, it disappointedly doesn’t it work with tree style tab :(
  • Amazing app.
  • Why doesn't it work with tree style tab?
  • It seems every time that Firefox updates Tab Badge does not work correctly. With the latest FF update, the badge for Gmail always says "7" no matter how many unread emails I have. I wish this would be fixed as soon as possible because I really do love Tab Badge when it works.
  • amazing gud work :) always use
  • This is the only problem I have with the addon: If I use the "large badge" setting or whatever it's called, it changes the width of my tab that's faviconized (using the addon Tab Utilities). This then changes the position of all tabs to the right of it. Particularly annoying on Facebook when you have received a message, as the Badge goes away and comes back over and over.

    My solution to that was simply to use the "mini-badge" setting where the badge is on top of the favicon. But that is really small. How can I enlarge it, even if I have to customize it myself using the source? Regardless, I think it would be great to add as an options setting to set how large the badge should be when on the favicon.

    Everything else is great and I find it very useful.
  • Please call _positionPinnedTabs() from #tabbrowser-tabs after every badge update. As is, pinned tab badges frequently overlap the adjacent tab.
  • Kudos to developer.. nice addon
  • This addon would be perfect if it could support notifications above 999 as an option (I guess that was designed to avoid wrong badge counts when the date is written in the title between brackets).
    Keep up the good work !
  • ... Amongst other sites. That's all I have to say.
  • Whenever I install Firefox on a new machine, this is one of my default addons. It's simple, doesn't require a restart, and accomplishes just one thing very well.

    Another reviewer noted that there is an issue on sites which have their own notifications causing the Firefox tab to blink (e.g. Gmail, Facebook). The result is that the tab badge keeps animating into place over and over again. Once fixed, the addon will again be perfect.
  • I prefer the old behavior of the application with Gmail. I prefer to have permanence in the number of unread messages in my inbox. Thank you!
  • Needs to be generalized for more sites, doesn't work with FaviconizeTab, developer does not respond to support email address.
  • Great addon, but maybe one additional feature?

    What about blinking icon of the firefox on taskbar, when firefox is not on first plane, and on some site an notification appears? Would be very useful for facebook messages :)