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  • very good
  • tp
  • It would be great if it was counting in minutes instead of seconds. It would also be great IF it showed the Count Down on the Icon so that I can be prepared for a refresh and NOT loose my emails edits.
  • Very good extension . Thanks Alex !!!
  • vamos evaluar para promocionar la eficacia
  • Hi there, great work on the add-on; one of the best I've used for its functionality and ease of use! However, I came across issues when trying to use it on my Android tablet: a Samsung Tab Active LTE SM-T365 running Firefox for Android v66.0.2.

    When I select the time interval to reload and return to my tab, nothing happens at all. However, from the triple-dot dropdown menu, I can see that the add-on is running.

    Any ideas why this might be occurring? Feel free to let me know if there's any more info I can provide to help troubleshoot this. Thanks for your time!