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Made the mistake of updating to Thunderbird 11.0 today. T-Bird's new format (tabs above the main menu bar) seems to condemn T-Bird Titlebar Tweaker's titlebar to the bottom of the screen even if the option "Top" is selected. Has anyone else experienced this problem? More importantly, has anyone figured out how to restore T-BTT's titlebar to the top where it righfully belongs?
---------------- Updated 15 March 2012 ----------
In response to the developer's incredibly prompt reply to my original posting, I tried T-Bird Titlebar Tweaker v6.6 this morning. Lo and behold: it fixes the titlebar placement perfectly. Unfortunately, my Mail Toolbar is now a garish blue color which clashes violently with my walnut theme. I therefore took the path of least resistance and rolled back to Thunderbird 10.0.2 and T-Bird Titlebar Tweaker 6.0 where everything is perfect once again. No more Thunderbird updates for me.

If I may editorialize a bit, as an ordinary end user I am fed up with Mozilla's rapid release program that upsets the apple cart every six weeks for little or no appreciable gain. I resent having to expend gobs of time after each major release editing the "maxVersion" values in a bunch of "install.rdf" files within the xpi archives to see if I can get certain add-ons to work again -- and then searching for alternative addons when those tweaks fail. I can only imagine the agony you developers must go through trying to keep up with all of the necessary programming changes.

You've got a marvelous add-on here; I wish you the best of luck dealing with Mozilla in the future.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (6.0). 


T-Bird Titlebar Tweaker v6.6 is in the sandbox:
Also added option for Tabs On Top. You can download from my site:
If this corrects the issues, please revise your review. If further problems arise, click on my name under the title on AMO for my e-mail. Thank You.