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  • Perfect!
  • Constantly giving me connection errors, even though the "test" is reporting everything to be fine. Meanwhile, this plugin is constantly spamming me about the plugin costing a lot of time to develop (which I highly doubt considering its current state) and wanting me to donate to a dysfunctional plugin with crappy support and false promises. Just cutting and pasting download links work way better than this junk!
    The latest version (just released) makes the Test Connection button attempt to re-login to fix connection errors.

    I'll note that the only place I ask for a contribution is on the settings page, using the understated Firefox-default message, which hardly qualifies as spamming. I provide this addon free of charge and nobody is forcing you to use it. Check your entitlement.
  • On Uptobox, the file is the downloaded link, not the file name.
  • https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-on-signing-in-firefox
    You're probably seeing the issue in Firefox 66.0.3 that erroneously disabled many extensions. 66.0.4 should allow it to work again.
  • Great plugin, but still have a small annoying bug.
    If Synology is not responsive when the browser starts, the addon will never retry connecting to it. Even when the "test" in settings works fine, the button will still be disabled.
    Hey there, glad you like it! The most recent version (0.5.8) changed the behavior of the Test Connection button to attempt to re-login to fix connection errors, so hopefully that fixes your issue!
  • Could You change:
    1) Multiple links can be paste
    2) Put possibility "resume" when file download error shows up. In DS app, when an error download file appears, the Play button can be used to resume download.
  • Wonderful extension ! Just missing the ability to define what shows badge on icon of tool bar.
  • I love it.
    In https can fail if you have not a valid certificate.
    But in my own case i have a nginx proxy web and it have cerbot certificates as well
    So, if you have a ngnix proxy web remember the standard port for https is 443 :D
  • Cannot connect to NAS after upgrade to DSM version 6.2.1-23824. It says "Connection failure".
    Update: it works only with HTTP, not with HTTPS, but I don't know why, it worked before upgrading.
    It sounds like you need to use an HTTP certificate that your browser accepts and/or you're using the wrong port. In the case of the certificate, the extension is not capable of letting you add an exception like you can in normal browsing, so you need to specifically accept your certificate browser-wide for it to work.