Symbaloo Bookmarker 0.8.0

Privacy Policy

Symbaloo bookmarker Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Symbaloo treats personal information when you use Symbaloo’s bookmarker.

1st of December 2017

Function of the Add-on

The Symbaloo bookmarker is a browser add-on, supported for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari. It is an addition to online tool:

Users can install the Bookmarker to quickly bookmark pages they are visiting


The Symbaloo bookmarker does not track or collect, use or store any user data or personal information while you are surfing the web.

Only when a user clicks the button of the bookmarker, Symbaloo checks the URL of the current page in the users browser so it can add it to the corresponding Symbaloo account. Only the tab which is opened is visible for Symbaloo.

Using the bookmarker

Only at the moment a user clicks the button of the bookmarker, the URL will be sent to Symbaloo to add it as a tile to the users account. The UserAgent will be consulted to track which bookmarkers are being used in which browsers (basic analytics).

Required permissions

In order to work, the Symbaloo bookmarker needs the following permissions:

1. “activeTab” to get the URL that needs to be added to Symbaloo

2. “contextMenus” to add the bookmarker to the browser

3. “http://*/*” to be able to work with http-websites

4. “https://*/*” to be able to work with https-websites

Is personal data shared with other companies?

The Symbaloo bookmarker does not share or disclose any data or personal information with 3rd parties.

The bookmarker doesn’t make it apparent to the website that a user visits, that it is installed.

Contact details

Symbaloo can be contacted for all privacy or security related questions via the following email address


Symbaloo HQ Netherlands
Symbaloo BV
Burgwal 47
2611 GG

Symbaloo office United States
K&S Marketing Impact Inc.
2915 Redhill Ave C103
Costa Mesa
(949) 791-9348

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