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  • Thanks -- this does exactly what you'd expect. Not much more to say about it!
  • This addon has served me well, but it is no longer necessary, as the option is now built in to Firefox

    Uncheck Options/Preferences->Privacy->Location Bar->"When using the location bar, suggest:"->Open tabs

    or ...

    in about:config, set the following to false:
    Thanks, I hadn't spotted that. I'll update the main page so more people can see.
  • Thank you.
    [FF 35.0.1]
  • Working, but breaks "RSS Icon In Awesombar"
    EDIT:Indeed, applying these changes to "RSS Icon" fixes the problem: http://pastebin.com/DGT0ZegH
    Changed rating accordingly, thank you.
    Probably Firefox bug 923508, which causes overlays into the urlbar to stop working when the autocompletesearchparam attribute is blank. The only workaround I know of is to change the overlay to add the icon to urlbar-icons instead of urlbar.
  • Thank you!
  • I created a mozilla account just to say thankyou. This switch to tab feature just did not work correctly. I would go to a URL such as bug.xx.com?bug=123 and then open a new tab (with Control T), and type bug.xx (which would pull up the existing bug 123 url) - I would then change the 123 to be 456, but rather open the new bug url, it would switch back to the other tab. So stupid Mozilla Firefox. Thanks to this plugin, I can work again. I'm running Firefox 17.0.8 ESR
  • Great to undo a stupid feature!
  • this was a necessary addon for me but stopped working in FF21! Please help!
  • Works as what it says, thanks.
  • Does what it says. Very useful.
  • Brilliant!
    Works as it should.
  • Thanks! An annoyance gone away! The "switch to tab" feature interferes with me searching on the address bar using the Omnibar extension. If the first letter I type matches any title from the current tabs, it'll turn to an H (from 'http' autocomplete) after typing the second letter and then I have to retype it again on the search engine.
  • A thousand times thank you! Works on the nightly 17. Hopefully the popularity of this add-on will bring mozilla to it's senses. Switch-to-tab is really one of the worst features they added recently, the fact you can't disable it is even more frustrating.
  • Perfect - thank you so much.
    Yet another misinformed "update" to firefox that I desperately needed an addon to undo
  • "Switch to tab" is one of those things that is clearly useful to some people, and clearly a pain in the ass to others. That's precisely the kind of feature that you give an accessible preference setting to. But some Mozilla devs seem to have gone to the Microsoft "we like this feature so we're going to ram it right down your throat" school (much as I love Firefox), so it's a good thing someone stepped up and wrote this add-on.
  • works great on 11! thanks a lot! although an option to enable or disable would be nice. or better yet, hold CTRL to open it in a new tab, like it should be!
  • "Switch to current tab" is somehow buggy in detecting currently opened web pages, preventing the browser to open a page not yet opened.

    This is as annoying as "tab tearing feature", which ends up that I have to install extensions to disable these 2 annoying features....
  • Switch to tab is the stupidest feature I've seen on Firefox. Who's the idiot behind this?
    Anyway, this add on does the job as described. Thanks!
  • Works as described. Removes "switch to..." when typing in an address in the address bar. Simple but effective. Can't believe I've put up with this for so long without doing anything about it. Thanks to iann for writing this plugin!
  • Thanks.

    It's really incredible that you need an add-on to avoid such a stupid function.

    The "switch to tab" should be an add-on, so instead of needing an add-on to avoid it, you needed an add-on to get it. That would make more sense.

    Firefox is getting more and more annoying, so it's great there's someone to make it usable again with add-on such as this one.
  • After doing some version checking I decided to try the previous version, using a compatibility overrider, and with the previous version there's not glitch with status 4 evar. So it appears the update undid whatever the previous update fixed. Please fix?
    There was a definite clash with Status-4-Evar in v0.0.1. It *should* have been fixed in v0.0.2, although that was tested with a Status-4-Evar several versions back. I'd be astonished if v0.1 has any clash with Status-4-Evar. Please go to the support site and describe your settings exactly, and what happens. A screenshot would be nice. Unfortunately there is zero chance of me fixing something I can't reproduce from a vague review.
  • Thank you for this extension, iann. It's simple and does what it claims very well. I'm using it with Firefox 7. It's a shame that this extension is necessary, disabling a new feature that was unnecessary, unwanted (even hated) by many, and should have an option in the preferences to disable it. However, you've provided a great service by stepping forward with this extension. Hopefully the Firefox developers will correct this problem soon and your extension will not be needed.
  • It doesn't fully work. I still get "moz-action:switchtab,..." in the urlbar, when I press down to delete the url. And of course the url doesn't actually get deleted, only disappears and its there the next time.
    I'm trying a solution that should make this work more cleanly, including making delete from history work. It is slightly surprising to me that I've managed to do this so easily and I'm almost hesitant to upload it in case I missed something obvious. Anyway, try the newest version.

    As for weird things appearing in the urlbar, it shouldn't happen. Not only shouldn't but doesn't, here and in most places. You may have a clash with another addon or some styling that I'm not aware of. Unfortunately I can't fix things I can't reproduce. Try posting more information in the support forum.
  • And why do Firefox developers hate their users so much anyway? I mean, isn't it strange that with new version you need to add an extra extensions to make your browser behave correctly?

    Anyway, thanks again.
  • Using Firefox 4.01. With "Status-4-Evar" addon. Status-4-Evar has an option to show loading progress in the URL bar. This is handy to have. But when Switch-to-Tab-No-More is active, it makes that loading progress line appear vertically centered, not under the url text. The effect is that the url text is pushed to the right. See screenshot:
    Strange interaction of the two addons. Just FYI.
    Thanks. I have reproduced this here. I'll have to do more work to see why and if there is a way to fix it.

    I've uploaded ver 0.0.2b beta, to work around both addons extending the same XML binding. This seems to work but may produce messages in the error console depending on whether Status-4-Evar is installed or not.
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