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Thank you very much to the developer for their work on this.
Though most of us here vehemently disagree with the "about this add-on" section's description of the "switch to tab" feature as "great."
If I'm dumb enough to take two different tabs to the same url by mistake, that's my problem. But when I am deliberately attempting to take a second tab to the same page and that "switch to tab" function prevents the not-very-awesome-at-that-moment-bar from doing so...? Remedy: 1) Castrate whoever developed the "switch to tab" function. 2) Remove that useless and incredibly annoying function from this and all future versions of Firefox. 3) Repeat step 1 as necessary...
MichaelPaul's idea is very clever, however there is another add-on designed to completely disable the "switch to tab" feature, available at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/switch-to-tab-no-more/
Thank you!