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  • This would be great if it could just use the search engines already set up in your Firefox settings.
    Hey, but you can! ;)

    In the options page, below the list of engines, you can see "Load browser search engines". When you find the file with Firefox's search engines on your machine (there are instructions right beside the button), SSS can import them.

    NOTE: SSS could use the Firefox search engines directly (and it may in the future) but that's more limited since it wouldn't get access to the search urls and the way the tabs would open would be controlled by Firefox, not your SSS settings.

  • خفنه خیلی خوب است اگر ساعت و دیوار باهم دوست بشوند و میخ تو کون دیوار نشه
    Although I don't understand, I appreciate the review. ;) Cheers!
  • God bless you, Daniel Lobo.
    All the best to you as well, and thank you. :)
  • Great add-on. Using it for 1-2 years. Thanks a lot.
    I'm happy to know that you've been using SSS for a while now. ;) And I thank *you* for the review.
  • One of the best addons ! I subscribed just to post this, after "liquid words" was discontinued, I waited for an addon like that, and now I can tell this one is even better, Thanks !
    Thank you very much for taking that extra time on purpose to review this addon. ;) Cheers!
  • This is nice. Was able to create custom searches. Thank you.
    (Late reply!) You're welcome and thanks for the review. :)