62 reviews
  • Firefox addon stop working after latest firefox update... when the issue will be solved?
  • Loadings never ends. I will get my money back!
  • Surfshark on Windows is fine, the addon does not let me log in though, loading and loading but never logs in
  • I bought it recently,but can not work. I send my first email to Surfshark to refund and received auto email, I tried again then my emails were blcoked by them . It not like they said on the website it can be refunded within 30 days. Damn it,I can can not get my money back. 总结,不能用,不退钱
  • Doesn't work. Can't connect through the browser addon or the desktop. My system meets all requirements and my ISP doesn't regulate VPN. Don't wast your money peeps!
  • I have 2 premium accounts none of them can connect to any country, the same happens and with the app or openvpn etc. Wasted money....
  • it would be much better if vpn runs automatically
  • 不适合中国,无法注册
  • Quick connect keeps choosing some shitty countries for me, there should be a way to change that idiotic behavior. I don't care if it's a nearby country, that's not a reason to use it.

    The add-on title should only be "Surfshark", it should be a full sentence in my my overflow menu!

    As for the VPN itself, it's alright I guess if a bit slow.
  • Cheap price but not cheap quality. Very highly recommended, they have real human support, not auto-reply machine. Speed is great, 24months deal $1.99/month no need to consider other VPN, try Surfshark, you will be pleased!!!
    From: Happy Satisfied Surfshark Customer :)