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  • How to disable SurfingKeys on specific websites? It's not working correctly on my company's internal websites.
  • Fantastic app, i've searched and used tons between chrome/firefox/edge etc, this is hands down the best. Id love to see an easier UI for making changes, themes, colors, disable or enable certain filters. But regardless this is still a fantastic app. One of my favorite features is navigating up and down the page, instead of a complete page down "d" (default) can scroll in smaller increments, love it.
  • Fantastic, much better than vimium, trydactil, vim vixen and anything else, THANK YOU VERY MUCH from a vim user
  • Excellent if you're a vim person!
  • This is the best vim style keybinding extension I was able to find.
  • As a vim user this is a godsend. I've used vimium and other vim like add-ons and Surfinkeys blows them all way. Thank you.
  • the #1 extension i install on any browser.
  • 在61.0.2版本中无法修改绑定键,请修正。
  • 在火狐上复制文本没有效果,依然要用鼠标才行。
  • impressiv job
  • very niece!
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