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  • Best vim keybinding addon. Thanks a lot for making this work both on chromium and FF. More feature rich than vimium. Keep it up. :-)
  • Great design and vim emulation, help system is excellent, ability to edit text fields using vim-like keys is incredible! The best vim emulation tool I've used so far (and I've tried several already)
  • Definitely the most feature rich and usable keyboard browsing addon out there. It's not strictly bound by Vim legacy (Vim is a text editor and not a browser after all), but it does follow vi's idea of the mnemonic hotkey language faithfully, and the defaults are surprisingly sane and usable in the web we have now. It has smooth scrolling implemented, and can select text even with WebExtensions limitations!
  • Hands down, this is the best Vim extension out there. It has many features and still after using it more than 1 year I still find new things I can implement in my workflow. Couldn't surf the web without it any more. The only thing that is missing is donation button to support the project.
  • How to disable SurfingKeys on specific websites? It's not working correctly on my company's internal websites.
  • Fantastic app, i've searched and used tons between chrome/firefox/edge etc, this is hands down the best. Id love to see an easier UI for making changes, themes, colors, disable or enable certain filters. But regardless this is still a fantastic app. One of my favorite features is navigating up and down the page, instead of a complete page down "d" (default) can scroll in smaller increments, love it.
  • Fantastic, much better than vimium, trydactil, vim vixen and anything else, THANK YOU VERY MUCH from a vim user
  • Excellent if you're a vim person!
  • This is the best vim style keybinding extension I was able to find.
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