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  • Great work on the latest version, Tyunshan. Love how lightweight such a multi-functional add-on as Super Tab Mode is.

    One issue I've found: the right-click menu for the Reopen Closed Tab Button does not show up, even in the latest Version 2.00.1. Please look into this at your convenience, if you can. Thanks in advance of your continued support on this extension!
  • After the update, it works again! Thank you, buddy. The best extension for tab management.
  • Tabs from last session are inverted on each start (first is shown last in the tab bar etc.). Caused by "right near father" setting for opening new tabs.
    I also wish it moved tabs opened in background to the top of "last tab" list so to speak, so that when I middle click a link and close the current tab the tab I opened in background was selected.
  • small, fast and works as expected.
    i mainly use "Multi-row tab" feature.
  • 不支持新版本ff35!
  • firefox版本:31.2.0 ESR
  • Not available for Firefox 32.0.3 :-(
  • i used to use this to put my tabs at the bottom of the window and free up top window, Australis put a stop to that but now the addon-bar replacement addon means i can again:)
  • 本来stm是用着最舒服的标签页扩展,谁知在firefox31上出现了“关闭标签页却无法关闭flashplayer插件进程”的严重bug,导致关闭页面后声音还在播放的情况,只好暂时换用其他扩展。期待作者能修复bug。
  • Even when there have been critical bugs with FF31.

    I do believe that this tool has some unique functions that other similar tools haven't. Such as hiding one or more menu items. Thus though it has much bugs, there are many guys, just like me, to show the complains here. We just want the author to fix it and not want to turn to other tools. But our patience is limit...
  • After closing Mozilla, Flashplayer plugin still works. The address bar not functioning. It's a shame 'cause this add-on is great...
  • 在firefox 31.0上关闭标签页后仍然有该标签页的声音在后台播放
  • As somebody wrote before:

    after update to 31.0
    when tab been close still have music
    test:(all test in flashpage and unitypage)
    close all plugin ok
    close super tab mode ok
  • after update to 31.0
    when tab been close still have music
    test:(all test in flashpage and unitypage)
    close all plugin ok
    close super tab mode ok
  • 升级到31后,在地址栏输入后回车无法打开网页。
  • 升级到firefox31后在地址输入后回车无法跳转。禁用后可以
  • 升级到firefox31后在地址输入后回车无法跳转
  • 在firefox 31.0上好像有问题:
  • 在火狐26或27下,安装此扩展后:







    其它扩展,有的是提供两个按钮,要分开设置,例如Tab Utilities;有的是提供快捷键但不提供按钮,例如Tab Mix Plus。

    2、提供了浓缩的文件菜单按钮,类似Compact Menu扩展的功能;



  • 功能齐全而又简洁明了
  • 例如有两行标签页时,我想左右调换一下第一行最右边的两个标签页的位置,发现无法做到.
    系统 win7 64bit
  • Hide Firefox and boss key didn't work.
    Os - W8 Pro. Boss key shortcut did not hide FF 25.0.1 in the system tray.
    Still no fix bug to bookmarks opening from the the sidebars like omnisidebar, all in one sidebar.
  • ff26已可用,非常感谢!
  • 1.85 ok, 可以了,不过历史记录还是不能在新标签页打开。感谢!
  • Great tool and always worked fine for me.But since FF25 i can not open pages by typing the address in the addressbar.Typing address and ENTER doesnt do anything.Click Paste & Go doesnt open new address.Click GO button doesnt do anything.Worked in FF24, not anymore in FF25.I removed all my add-ons and by restoring i could find it was Super Tab Mode that didnt work with FF25.Deinstalled and reinstalled STM but to no solution.Disable STM and everything works.Hope this can be addressed..:)

    UPDATE PER 12 nov 2013:
    I followed your suggested link and installed STM again.
    Everything works again.
    Seems you fixed it..:)
    version 1.85 is under review, please download it from above address if you can not wait. thanks!