Super Start is Super Awesome Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Super Start is a fast, simple, and intuitive add-on that gives your home and new tab page a new life.

My Review (Updated 4/5/2012):

1. Clean and Simple - No intrusive ads/apps set by default and page is easy to view.
2. Easy Setup - Very easy to setup, access options, and rearrange your favorites.
3. Intuitive - One-click minimizes notes, custom icons/backgrounds, change background colors, and etc is a nice touch.
4. Fast - thumbnails are cached so it loads very fast every time.
5. Stable - I have used it for about a month and encountered zero issues.

Feature Suggestions:
1. Add Categories - allow users to create additional "categories" and quickly switch between them. Example: a swiping motion or click a button to switch between tech and financial news.
2. Add "Open in a New Tab" - add right-click context menu to open dial in a new page. This action is much easier than trying to find the icon inside the dial.
3. Custom White Space - option to increase/decrease spacing between dials
4. Center Rows with empty dials - auto center if a row has less occupied dials than other rows.
5. Custom Font - option to customize font for site titles(bold, +-size, etc).

Lastly, I want to say keep up the great work with this awesome add-on and I hope it will stay as simple and intuitive as this in the future!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (