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  • I have used this plugin for a very long time and now miss it very much. I can see that the developer has no plans to update and frankly don't blame him (I'm not doing mine either!). Thank you, Rob for your efforts!
  • Thank you, Rob Norris.
  • hi mr sun cult i DONT WANT 57+ anyway
    im staying w 56.0.2
    i dont like design or the web extensions
    most so stripped down they are horrible
    running 56x and LEGACY as long as i can

    nothing broken DONT FIX IT
  • Great addon.

    Long time companion...

    Any plans for a e10s and WebExtensions version?
    I personally have no plans to update Sun Cult for either multiprocess nor to the Web Extensions API.

    The code is of course available for anyone else to work with any newer Firefox APIs.

    See https://sourceforge.net/projects/suncult/
  • I've been using this for a while, but recently used it to check the New moon times in my location (Melbourne, Australia) and it appears the moon times are incorrect. As of today (8-Feb-2016) Sun Cult is showing the next New Moon as 8/3/2016 10:12:27, whereas my local (Melb. Planetarium) is showing the New Mon at 09-Mar-2016, 11:54. That's more than one whole day out... Which servers does Sun Cult use for it's moon phases/times?
    Sun Cult does not use any servers for the moon phases/times.
    It calculates everything internally (in Javascript).

    However there is known deficiency in that the calculations can generate different values compared to published lists or other reference calculations - seemingly up to 1 day discrepancy.

    Unfortunately I don't know where the error(s) is/are in the code, nor do I have access to the reference material for the derivation of the equations.

    See this for further information:

  • Works fine, just have to configure your locaton, and where to put it's icon. This add-on works for both 'Firefox' and 'Thunderbird'. Just hover the mouse over it's icon, and you'll get sun rise/set data, or whatever you have it configured to show.

    It's 'Display Placement'(?etc...?) doesn't take effect until the close button is clicked, and it doesn't have 'Apply', 'Cancel', nor 'Ok' buttons, it just has a 'Close' button.

    Don't know what 'azimuth' means, so I can't say anything about that.
  • 「解説」通りに機能し、世界の主要都市での「日の出と日没時刻、月齢」が分かります。
  • I give this add-on 5 stars only because 6 isn't an option. I love it and was sorry it wasn't available for a while. It's just perfect.
  • I love it! I like how you can put it in any bar, not just toolbar or add on bar. Its very convenient :) Thank you!
  • I like this but I have a problem.
    "Next new moon" is shifted 12 hours! on GMT+9:00(Japan)
    Sun cult says "Next new moon:2013/10/4 21:41.
    But astronomical observatory says 2013/10/5 9:41
  • All cultures have myths around the sun & moon, and here in my neck of the woods, at the highest point of the New Moon, one "shakes their money at the moon" to bring good fortune--now I know *exactly* what time to do it! Will let you know if it helps! ;~)I LOVE this add-on! I'd give it 10 stars (and maybe a New Moon, if I could ;~) It's pretty, it's practical, and very valuable to me. I used to keep up with this info using various websites, but now, it just sits right there in my mailbox! Is there a version for Firefox? Works with TB 11.0.1--now they're asking me to update, and oh, how I hate to--all my add-ons WORK right now...===============================================Addendum: Works with TB 12 AND FX 12!! Outstanding!
    +++++NEW Addendum: STILL works with V24 of Fx, Tb, and most important, Pale Moon (where those of us EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED with Fx stunts have moved...till Mozy code completely ruins it, too...)
    The same version works for Firefox and TB, although you need to install it for each program.
    AFAIK it should work with the latest versions of FF & TB.
  • Nice Addon, but its asks me for configuration on every single start?!
    Unfortunately SunCult doesn't automatically know where you are, so you must set your location.

    (The config window will keep appearing if the location is not changed from the internal default)

    To set the location: Right click on Suncult Icon -> Sun Cult Configuration -> Location (tab).
    Then set where you live:
    eg: Europe->Germany->Munich.
    This should give you a reasonable position to get sun&moon times.
    You many want to manually adjust the Latitude + Longitude to exactly where you live for increased accuracy.
  • Thanks for looking into the calculations!!!
    I noticed it has been fixed in the Display Notification Preview, but not yet in the Sun Colt Calendar Window.
    Thanks your your prompt reply and solution.
    Good spot.
    I'll fix it soon...

    UPDATE 2012-03-05: Now fixed and available in a new release - 1.3.20120301
  • you need to come up with an update for aurora 9.
    No I don't ;)
    The auto validation process takes care of it (eventually!)


    Hence it should now be available and work for FF9.
  • Sorry for being a dumbass. Now you've got your five stars! : )
  • Thank you for spending the time to make Sun Cult work with FF5. The add-on is terrific and having it back is making me very happy. The number of customizable features is amazing.
  • when it's not displayed on addon-bar,hide the addon-bar then mouse over the icon it would not show up the information.
    It's a long time outstanding problem. See:

    UPDATE 2011-11-18: Now fixed and available in a new release - 1.3.20111118
  • Never mind, it suddenly started working in T-bird again... might have been a problem with another extension.
    Cool, thanks for the update.
    I got around to trying it with Thunderbird 5 (both Linux & Windows) and had no problems, so I was confused by your initial report.
    Glad it's resolved itself!
  • I hope it's not necessary for everyone to be able to use their browser to track the phases of the moon, when twilight begins and ends, and when the sun and moon will rise and set. But as an innercity dweller, whose view of the sky is often obscured by city lights, large buildings, and pollution, and who is largely housebound due to disability, I feel this is just the most beautiful add-on ever.

    It really is one of my all-time favorites, and I was so sad when I found out that it wouldn't work anymore if I updated to Firefox 3, that I almost didn't update at all. I repeatedly searched for similar programs all over the internet, but there is just nothing like it anywhere.

    I cannot describe to you how thrilled I was to find it listed in my add-on updates today. I had given up hope that anyone would ever update it, and really didn't believe it was true until I saw the icon, hovered over it, and saw it working perfectly. It actually made me cry.

    Thank you, Rob Norris! You just added a little piece of joy back into my life that I had missed so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Thank you very much for the kind and beautiful words.

    I can not match your eloquence, so I'll just stick to keeping Sun Cult alive.
  • I love this add-on but there is one minor problem. Following ash2020 update instructions [How to Update Sun Cult yourself (Windows 7, FireFox 4) below, I was able to get it running with FF 5.0 running XP-SP3. However this will not work unless the add-on toolbar is enabled. No matter what I select in Sun Cult's display placement options, the icon displays but the info will not pop-open when I mouse over it if the Addon-toolbar is disabled.

    Is there a work-around for this?
    Unfortunately this is a known issue, that Sun Cult (all versions AFAIK) only works when the statusbar/addon bar is visible.I don't know how to solve it ATM (although I partially understand the cause) and I'm slowing investigating solutions as my time permits.This bug is listed in the main Sun Cult issue tracker see: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=1473668&group_id=157626&atid=804582
    NB Forgot to add there's no work-around (other than enabling and showing the add-on bar)

    UPDATE 2011-11-18: Now fixed and available in a new release - 1.3.20111118
  • Not sure why it was just now bumped to FF4, it works fine in FF5 if you bump max version.
  • Although the conversion instructions are a bit convoluted, it was well worth the effort. Even for the newbie, this should be easy! I love my SunCult!
  • For Windows XP and Firefox 4, go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/sun-cult/reviews/230463/ but change "3.5" to "4.9" in step 10 and don't forget to switch on the Add-ons bar (see step 16, below)

    1) Go to Computer > Tools > Folder Options. Select the 'View' tab, and uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types'.
    2) Go online and find the Sun Cult page in Add-ons for Firefox.
    3) Right-click on the 'Add to Firefox' button and select 'Save Link As...'. This will enable you to save the Sun Cult XPI file to your desktop.
    4) Rename the file you have just saved by right clicking on it, selecting 'Rename' and replacing ".xpi" with ".zip". You will encounter a 'Rename' warning; just click 'Yes'. You have now changed change the xpi file into a ZIP folder.
    5) Open the newly created ZIP folder by right-clicking it and selecting 'Open with' > Windows Explorer.
    6)Right-click on the "install.rdf" file and remove it from the ZIP folder using Cut and Paste (don't just drag and drop). Anywhere outside the folder will do.
    7) Right-click on "install.rdf" and select 'Open'. A dialogue box will pop up. Check the 'Select a program from a list..' option then hit 'OK'.
    8) Select 'Notepad', uncheck the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' option, and then hit 'OK'.
    9) You are now in Notepad. Make sure that your text cursor is at the very beginning of the document's text and then go to Edit > Find
    10) Enter "em:maxVersion=" (without quotation marks) into the 'Find what' box and then hit the 'Find next' button.
    11) You will be taken to a place in the document that says: em:maxVersion="3.5"
    Replace 3.5 with 4.9 , then close and save the file.
    12) Return the newly altered "install.rdf" file into the ZIP folder from which you took it (dragging and dropping is OK this time)
    13) Rename the ZIP folder back to an XPI file
    14) Open up a new Firefox window and drag and drop the XPI file into it.
    15) Follow the normal add-ons procedure from there.
    16) In Firefox 4 you need to switch on the Add-on bar in order to be able to see Sun Cult: from the new orange Firefox button (at the top left of every Firefox 4 window), go to Options and check the 'Add-on bar' option.
    17) Now tidy up. Go to Computer > Tools > Folder Options. Select the 'View' tab, and check 'Hide extensions for known file types'.
    18) You can safely delete any files that you have saved to the desktop
    19) Have a well deserved cup of tea.
  • Nice program.
    Vista install on FFox3.6.15 version by following ash2020 instructions ( https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/sun-cult/reviews/230463/ ).
    Thanks ash2020 !