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  • Very good when it works right now it is not working
  • Расширение супер!
    Но к сожалению перестало работать!
    Кнопка с панели пропала, накопленные за много лет скрипты, не работают!

    Зачем разработчики мазилы всё это делают не известно.
    Но мне кажется им проплатили такие как гугл, яндекс и т.п. что б убивали расширения которые борются с навязчивой рекламой!
    Стыд вам и позор!
    Лучше бы занялись плагин контейнером который постоянно глючит и крашится!

    А автору расширения респект и уважение.
    Мы любим ваше дополнение и надеемся Вас не смогут "загнобить" всякие продажные индивидуумы.
  • I was very thankful for this add-on, but it isn't working with Firefox 54.0.1. Mozilla just keeps breaking things.
  • Thanks for this great extension. Helpful so many times. But now, sadly doesn't work forcing me to bring the old styles for my sites back manually.
  • But something going wrong since 19-apr-2017. I used favourites, adblock rules, greasemonkey scripts and stylish css with my sync-account. But now all of these objects except stylish syncing properly. Even if i use clean FF profile, then only stylish-sync don't work anymore. I've been checked it with FF 52.0.2 and FF 53.0.
  • its bueatifull extensions. Thanks
  • By installing Stylish-Custom I notice that a very few number of styles have the tag SyncBackup, and I assume these are the styles that are synced. Compared to the number of styles I have installed (about 100) it's not a lot.

    Luckily I can always backup and restore my styles from the addon's options menu, which is a lot easier than to do it from Stylish-Custom.
  • Very good! :D
  • Perfect and EZ to configure.
  • This addon is not availabe on my mobil phone / tablet using firefox for android.

    Thanks for the fast reply. I can live with that
    The sync-Mechanism works completely different on Android devices. I don't even know, if it would be possible to implement an additional sync-engine as an add-on.
    So for now, there are no plans to implement this, sorry.
  • Please add feature "Save as txt"
  • great
  • Real Thenx!!!!
  • Good.
  • This makes Stylish much more useful!
  • This is a wonderful addon. It makes using Stylish much less irritating accross multiple computers.
  • Incredibly useful. Can't believe this isn't part of Stylish already.

    Is there a way to limit the number of backups kept, besides turning them off entirely?
    If you're familiar with 'about:config', you can go there and set the preference 'extensions.stylishsync.bakage'. The default is 14 (days).
  • This Addon‘s perfect. But it seems to be not working in Firefox 19 and 20. Is there any update?
    // 2013-04-17
    I'm sorry for my bad English. I've found that "issue" page but I just can't understand. So, I edit this review.
    The problem is: It looks fine but does not perform Synchronization. Yes, it only shows some UI in FF 19 and 20.
    We found the issue and posted a fix. It's available from the versions page, while it's still under review (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/addon/reqpolsync/versions/).
  • I love Stylish Sync -- absolutely a time-saver for anyone who uses Stylish. This thing works and saved me a LOT of time, because I have over a dozen styles. More like three dozen.
  • Sadly not completely perfect.
    Seems Stylish Sync has problems if your stylesheet collection is too big...
    I submitted a bug report over at google code, so if you'd take a look I'd certainly appreciate it!
    But there's nothing really to be done here, as explained in http://code.google.com/p/stylishsync/issues/detail?id=1#c1 .

    You might try one of the suggestions there.

    It's a limitation by Mozilla's sync servers.
  • Perfect!!
    Can you create an addon to syncronize "User Style Manager" addon styles? I am asking that because it´s similar to Stylish but it´s restartless and i´m trying to convert all my addons to restartless versions.
    Here is the link : https://addons.mozilla.org/es-ES/firefox/addon/user-style-manager/?src=ss.
    I´m not an advanced developer, so i don´t know how to create the addon. I know that it could be a lot of work and much time, but it would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks!!!!......
    Unfortunately, there are several problems with "User Style Manager" (USM)
    - It's not available for SeaMonkey. This is my main browser and development platform.
    - Stylish Sync uses Stylish's API (Service) to read and write styles. USM doesn't seem to have such a public service.

    But it seems, USM stores it's styles in Firefox's preferences, so maybe you could just set the corresponding "services.sync.prefs.sync.extensions.UserStyleManager.userStyleList" to "true"?
    But it would be best to ask the author.
  • On Linux the directory "stylishsync" is created without write access to assigned to owner ( permissions (octal) set to 1400 instead of 0700) and the synchronization never succeed. After changing the access rights everything works fine.
    I'll investigate this! Must be the default permissions...
  • Awesome addon !

    Since i'm also a user of greasemonkey, and enjoy having my prefs sync'ed through different computers, I'd like your help to implement such functionality for different files.
    Oh ! Also it would be awesome to not sync stylish prefs, but usercontent.css, userchrome.css and prefs.js, since everything can be done without any addon (probably implementing adblock/trueblock and noscript)...
    Thank you in advance for your help
    As I mentioned, I'm not using GreaseMonkey. But Stylish Sync is open source (https://code.google.com/p/stylishsync/), so feel free to port it!

    Preferences from prefs.js can easily be synchronized by adding or editing corresponding about:config-entries (services.sync.prefs.sync.*).

    userchrome/-content.css are single files which can easily be ported and modification to both files requires a browser restart, so synchronization is only semi-useful.
    And since I've been using Stylish, I didn't touch any of those two anymore, because it makes testing without restart so much easier.
  • I love your stylish/requestpolicy sync

    Please also sync userscripts for both greasemonkey and stylish. I use one for certain fx profiles and the other for others

    consider also

    tree style tab
    Unfortunately, I'm not using any of these extensions.

    I sometimes use Scriptish instead of GreaseMonkey, but only in very specific developer profiles. It's not really worth the effort.

    But the source code is freely available!
  • Work just as planned :)
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