What happened to the Stylish editor? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

The last version 1.2.6 display the editor like the old one.

The numbers are gone, and the colors of the CSS code also.

I changed "extensions.stylish.editor" in about:config to "0" then to "1" but it didn't help.

For this reason, now I use again the earlier version [1.2.5]

In my opinion, the style of the old version is bland and boring and very unprofessional.

Why not combine the 'wrap lines" option with the professional one?

My Firefox is 9.0.1 [he-IL].

I have a request: Please, do not ruin Stylish (one day) as the developers of "Greasemonkey" and "Adblock Plus" did.

Do not make any changes to ruin this wonderful add-on. Please stick to its existing structure.

Thank you.

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Due to some changes in Firefox, I've dropped support for the Orion editor (the one with highlighting and line numbers) in Firefox 9. It's available in Firefox 10 though, so just upgrade to that and you should be set. Make sure that you set extensions.stylish.editor back to 0 as well.