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Good stuff, but the very idea that an extension is necessary to fix another extension that had most of these features in the first place is nothing short of laughable. Speak to the developer of Stylish, ChoGGi, and see if he'll merge your contributions into the main distribution; if not, consider releasing a full-fledged Stylish replacement of your own. Clearly, you have a far better understanding of what Stylish users want than he does.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.2.8). 

probably not

as Izzy mentioned here
"The end user (who never plans to create styles due to the lack of knowledge, but wants to use them for convenience) is better off with a straight and simple GUI - while the style developers (errm, i.e. most of us here) can take advantage of more features (which are quite meaningless for the before mentioned end user). So the former just installs Stylish - whilest the latter adds Stylish-Custom on top of that."