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  • The web is pretty much unusable without this Addon. It's a huge life improvement. It's even encouraged me to learn a bit of CSS just so I can fix minor annoyances that are specific to me. Fantastic.
  • Нужен для установки RU AdList CSS Fixes.
  • Sadly, Stylus (without having any styles loaded) messed up my zimbra-webmail and I cannot use it anymore.
    Other than that I was generally happy with it. Silently pushing DOM-manipulation is not appreciated, however.
    This should be fixed in v1.5.1.
  • Since Stylish did stupid things, I appreciate that this addon was released earlier

    By the way, as for the question, which is the profile directory or the file where the setting contents of this add-on are saved?

    And, to say, I want to use the software called Allway Sync to match the contents of Stylus from any PC
  • Fluently lets me enjoy blinding white pages again by offering me styles that are dark! Never a problem if you carefully pick the well-maintained userstyles. Thanks for not going the stylish way.
  • It's like Stylish but it doesn't steal your data!
    In all seriousness, it is compatible with all the same styles & I haven't had any bugs or issues with it
  • 我不能在我的Andorid设备上使用了,希望提供Android版
  • I only just found out how horrific Stylish is for data privacy, and I'm very glad y'all maintain this fork that doesn't exfiltrate all my browser data.
  • hello, what I missing is only cloud backup [dropbox etc.] ... option to export to local files only is obsolete
    The ability to import and export from Dropbox will be available in an upcoming release!
  • 体验极差,甚至感到了恶心。本来觉得挺不错,花了很长的时间选择自己喜欢的主题搭配,最后觉得心满意足,结果过两天打开浏览器,插件里的主题全部清空了,再花了N久时间再搭配主题,虽然怎么也回不到原来的样子,强迫自己接受新的样式,结果刚关闭浏览器再打开,又清空了。恶心的体验,特意注册个账号来吐槽一下,我选择卸载。
  • There are a lot of great things to be said said about this wonderful add-on. It's one of the best add-ons out there; really well documented, easy to work with and even easier to use.
  • Lo más parecido a Stylish que hay, pero le falta un mundo para llegar. Estéticamente deja muchísimo que desear, es mejorable en todos los aspectos. La ventana modal que aparece en las notificaciones tiembla a causa del scroll vertical con el ratón, además la página de edición de plantillas es horrenda. A nivel funcional, eso sí, funciona bien.
  • A great open-source solution to replace the now rogue Stylish. Stylus is a WebExtension so it won't change Fierfox itself.

    I actually like it better than Stylish. I have not encounterd a single glitch with either styles or responsiveness like I did with Stylish, on occasion.

    Stylus is also a a great way to learn about editing and creating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • Bravo
  • Great
  • Is this extension using the same database from userstyles.org with Stylish? I'm a bit confusing.
    Stylus is an open-source fork of Stylish but without all the tracking. So yes, we use the same database.
  • Ok
  • Works perfect and easy-to-use. Many thanks!
  • Great. Can even edit imported styles! Perfect. Stylish is history for me now.
  • Muy buena extensión para personalizar la forma como vemos nuestras páginas favoritas...
  • works fine (both ff56.0a1 and ff63.0a1). stylish is spyware and loses truth of privacy. you have perfect explanation of moving styles from stylish.
  • I appreciate it a lot !
    Just a question:
    Why it need all these authorizations now (before i don't remember it ask them?
    For info it need :
    Access your data for all websites
    Access browser tabs
    Access browser activity during navigation
    * Access your data for all websites - required for the style elements to be added into the page, but STYLUS DOESN'T ACCESS ANY OF YOUR DATA.
    * Access browser tabs - to be able to show styles in the popup
    * Access browser activity during navigation - to be able to insert the styles at the moment the page is navigated

    The permission names are generic, Stylus uses only a small subset of each permission. Please read some tutorial on how WebExtension permissions work for more details.
  • I like it ;-)
  • espero que no sigan robando información
  • Perfect