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  • Nice

  • It's okay, At least it isn't sharing our data

  • Nice work! Transfered all styles from stylish without any problems. Many thanks for code completion! It is so desirable feature I didn't have before.

  • Muito bom

  • Thank you for your reply and for the helpful link. I have now managed to work out how to get my styles working in Stylus.
    Thanks again.

    Developer response

    Please check out this visual guide on migrating your files: https://www.userchrome.org/stylish-to-stylus.html

    It's also possible you were using @-moz-document *inside* code sections, which is not supported in Firefox 61. See the explanation: https://add0n.com/stylus.html#comment-3977521637

  • Love this extension! I am an ex-Stylish user, and this addon performs the same duties in a much less intrusive way.

    Theming is an accessibility issue, and Stylus is a critical addon for me.

    The only feature I'd like to see is integrated style-syncing, but it's far from a deal breaker. Can't wait to see how Stylus continues to improve.

  • It looks like Stylus is the new king now that Stylish got banned... o.O I don't really like the interface, but.. was long as it's working I'm happy with it.

  • Love it. Best alternative to Stylish

  • FF 48.0.2 .... It shows me the following message: "It can not be installed because it seems to be corrupt"

    Developer response

    FF 48.0.2 has a bug in WebExtensions API for getURL() during the installation process, which is a very basic function that should never fail. We can't fix Firefox and we can't avoid using this function, sorry.

  • My second choice because Stylish pissed off some lazy devs at mozilla. You win, I guess. If this policy is as fierce as the reaction to one addon... watch the rest of them fall. Methinks a payment was missed. More gansta than cop on this situation. Added the rest of the stars because this is not y'all's fault.

  • Have been using Stylish extension for years... since 2011 or so... so happy that you did it right now!

  • I love it! It's sad that Stylish was doing that, and I hope you won't.

  • Great job!Another option for userstyles!

  • do nothing but actually sworking in stylish its to control findbar behavior in firefox!!

    Developer response

    Stylus is for web content only.

  • Viva Stylus!

  • stylish eres tu??

  • Stylish has been logging users history since January 2017! It took over a year for Mozilla and Google to realize this violated their policies. What a joke. Sadly the main hub for userstyles is also owned by the spyware company.

    Anyways... Keep up the great work, carry the torch. We keep our privacy and you keep former Stylish users happy.

  • It's really superior to the now black-listed "original" Stylish.

  • Good but hope you're not going to sell our history to third parties like stylish did

    Developer response

    We are the former users of Stylish who started this project about a year ago because Stylish was sold back then. I can't imagine how it'd be possible for us to become the very thing we abhor.

  • Doesn't work.

  • Thanks for taking over and doing it right!

  • Thank you for not being creepy like Stylish. 5 Stars for doing the right thing.

  • Just policy we need!

  • Stylish is dead , long live Stylus

  • Stylishは個人情報盗んでたらしいのでこちらオススメします。