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  • Totally useless. Everything I had saved is gone..
    My lists are gone.
    The lists from other Stumblers that I followed are gone.
    Every time I hit the like button I get an error.
    Now every time I hit the Stumble button I get an error.

    Before I would have given at least 4 stars, but since they changed the format & are now part of some kind of pin style site, It's now going to be uninstalled.

    The developers need to get their heads screwed back on correctly. You used to have a great thing going..
  • AccessDeniedAccess Denied6E799B...
  • Your developers are not transparent. The transition to Mix has left my account unusable. The extension no longer allows me to Stumble any longer due to it not syncing my account with Mix. The extension is effectively rendered useless. I wanted to see improvements to the design but you lot haven't even bothered with it. If you're not going to earnestly invest in the project and maintain the extension as you should, then pass on the responsibility to someone who will. Honestly, I've seen a monkey with more common sense than this. Pick up your balls and actually do something. Stop letting your damn money-fueld puppets make decisions for you.
  • Stumbleupon is dead
  • Wow... Way to go StumbleUpon. You took a perfectly good browser extension and crapped it up. As a user for longer than I can remember, 6-7 years or so, I am now forced to uninstall. Damn I am so upset about this. I use this almost every weekday during my lunch break. Not any more... Take Mix and shove it up your @$$!
  • Stumble upon redesigned a few months back and it got harder to use but still worked for me however they just abandoned the platform completely and created a monstrosity called mix which is jbasically a really bad version of pocket or Pinterest for archiving websites. Hard to navigate , no more wide variety of topics and basically a web browser within a web browser with none of the features that made stumbleupon unique for discovering things on the web. Just use tumblr,,pocket, instagram or pinterest for sharing stuff and save yourself the headache.
  • Doesn't work. Full of errors.
  • Found a Work-around.. Click on the stumble toolbar settings, then when the settings page comes up, suddenly the stumble button works again. At least it does for me. Windows 10 - Firefox 60.0.1 (64bit)
  • I agree with all the others. It doesn't work anymore.
  • Getting a constant network error message when using this app. I been using StumbleUpon for past 7 years, I loved their old toolbar in firefox, this new one is just trash.
  • Can it be made to work again or should I just delete it??
  • It doesn't work. Network error occurs.
  • please bring back the older toolbar. this one is just rubbish. Half of my topics are hidden, it takes up more space etc.
  • They destroyed stumble upon.
  • This extension is trash. I can't like anything and it's useless. It keeps trashing my browser. Please go back to the old one cause I'm not doing this anymore. I hate this add-on.
  • It keeps crashing, showing a "network error occured" And i'm not the only one experiencing this, and no, to go back to the old one, only helps for an hour...!
  • I agree with many of the other reviewers. stumbleupon is such a great idea, but their new interface, and their removal of the convenient toolbar is very disappointing.
  • A poor, intrusive design. The block domain feature doesn't work. It gets caught in a Youtube loop, where it just gives video after video after video even though I had blocked the domain and turned off videos in the personalization settings. Desperately needs the ability to filter results by time published so you don't get extremely old, obsolete results. Overall a poor experience.
  • Wow, what happened to the old tool bar. The current toolbar is huge and takes up too much room on the page. The sign-in button is also annoying and shows up on every new tab I start. What happened StumbleUpon? When did you lose your mojo?
  • How can they take something that was so good and turn it into something so crap.I used the original for years
    but i think i will end up uninstalling this.
  • What happen to the old version? This one is incompatible with Firefox, it messes with editing my Etsy shop...I can't list or edit anything in my store when this extension is enabled! Please fix!!!!!!
  • Network error...
  • "I kept getting a message that a network error occurred. I contacted SU and they told me to switch to the classic theme and it would likely be solved. I did that and it was ok for one hour. Now it doesn't matter what I do I can't use it at all. SU should be ashamed of what they have put out here. It is absolute crap in every way. Do a search folks. There are similar options out there like SU. Let's all say goodbye to SU forever. That is what is deserved here."
  • Really a way to change something good in something bad ! The new toolbar is very useless.
    Any action of stumble on single topic bring to a network error...WHY ?? network is ok.... Please correct the issue.
  • What a disappointment! This "new" Stumble is far inferior to the previous version. I seldom use it anymore; it is cumbersome, takes up screen space, and often simply does not work at all.