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  • Not blocking.
  • This USED to be the bomb, however now it is pretty useless. It CANNOT block overlays, lets too many pop-unders through and I am uninstalling.

    Sorry, this addon has lost its edge.
  • First I want to appreciate the developer of this add-on because I'm using it for almost a long time. Recently I've been experiencing some issues in its performance. I don't know why, but there are some times that the pop-ups aren't blocked on specific websites. Thus I really want to get it back to work precisely as ever.
  • Blocks most popups, I was hoping for more.
  • Doesn't work - I still got pop ups.
  • useful
  • Végre! Valaki erre is gondol. Hálásan köszönöm! A MAI VILÁGBAN RITKA AZ ILYEN JÓTÉT LÉLEK A FÖLDÖN!!!!!
  • Dear Nikos Asimakis, thank you very much! Your addon is very small, very simple and very effective. It helped me to prevent several aggressive and malicious ads from opening.
  • This should be built-in into Firefox
  • I love it.
  • Hiçbir pop-up'ı engellemedi. İşe yaramaz.
  • I love this add on, all you have to do is click on the icon with the red circle and it INSTANTLY blocks any pops up that may be trying to interfere with what you're doing. If you have Firefox, this is a MUST HAVE!!!!!!
  • Just what I needed!
  • J'apprécie vraiment cette application, elle bloque les pop-up qui n'étaient pas bloqués vous savez lorsque vous allez sur des sites de streaming, quand vous appuyer sur le bouton play, il y a pleins de fenêtres en général publicitaires qui s'ouvrent là ce n'est plus le cas, vérifier que vous avez bien activé l'extension pour qu'elle bloque les pop-up

    I really appreciate this app, it blocks the pop-ups who were not blocked, you know when you go on websites for streaming, when you push on the button play, there are a lot windows generally these are ads who are opened. Now, this is not the same cas. Don't forget to check that you have actived the extension to activate the service
  • It cant be downloaded because problems with link. Fix that as fast as you can!
  • Pop up about pay wall on PennLive keeps coming up. This extension isn't stopping it.
  • With the later versions of Firefox its stopped being effective, youre now better off NOT installing addon this and setting these options in about:config:

    dom.popup_maximum 0
  • Wow! It either takes a crazy amount of time to toggle between on and off or it's just random chance as to when it toggles from clicking the button. Am uninstalling i don't have the patience to figure out or care which am getting a dif addon
  • Really the best extension for firefox, I was so upset that firefox wasn't able to block some pop ups sometimes bu this extension works just perfectly and blocks it all. Thank you "strict pop-up blocker" team. (Y)
  • So far, it hasn't trapped even a single pop-up or overlay.
  • Could you please make the extension also toggle dom.popup_maximum to 0 on top of clearing dom.popup_allowed_events? Without dom.popup_maximum set to zero some popups are still able to get past but with it also set to zero absolutely no popups are able to bypass this. I had previously modified this extension myself to do this but now that Firefox Quantuam is out my old modified version doesn't work anymore. If you could do this the extension would then be perfect 5/5. Thanks.
  • Using FireFox Quantum which or may not have anything to do with extension not working.
  • Works great.
  • Almost useless! it misses and allows lots of popups...