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Version 1.2.1-signed 213.7 KiB Works with Firefox 30.0 - 56.*


- Support for Azubu channel titles and profile pictures.

- Added Azubu categories.

- Improved Hitbox search.


- Fixed null result handling failure in Hitbox queries.

- Hide list before creating new window so current window focus is not lost before deselecting button.

Version 212.3 KiB Works with Firefox 30.0 - 44.*

Now supports Hitbox and Azubu 2.0. Removed

Proper termination for asynchronous queries.

Updated to use SDK 1.17 APIs instead of 3rd party modules for button handling. Requires Firefox 30.0 or better.

Fixes from 1.1.2

Properly enqueue Twitch followed list sync process.

Fixes from 1.1.1

Properly enqueue Hitbox followed list sync process.

Fixes from 1.1

Removed redundant info in package description.