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  • Best theme I have seen so far. Simple, straight forward. The shadowing effect is amazing!!
    UI experience on XP greatly improved.
    Thank you very much.
  • Best theme I have seen so far. Simple, straight forward. The "shadowing" effect is amazing! UI experience on XP greatly improved!
    6* plug-in I'd say.
    Thank you very much.
  • The theme works well except that Chatzilla is broken with the theme installed.
  • The theme works well except that Chatzilla is broken with the theme installed.
  • Awesome Theme!
  • Been using this under Windows, Mac and K/Ubuntu, and I absolutely love it. Curiously it looks absolutely gorgeous in KDE whilst pretty average looking in Gnome. It goes without saying this also looks great on Windows. Looks good on Mac too, although it's still a little glitchy.
  • This theme have bugs. Problem with load images on some sites.
  • I have this under windows and I love it. The only problem I have is that it isn't compatible with Linux (which I use as my primary operating system). Other than that, it's perfect!
  • VERY BUGGY - I get unresponsive browser on some pages ... especially when theres images/videos and lots of CSS to load.. firefox stops responding and can jump in and out of theme on some sites,
    other than that its a great theme , easily the best looking but onfortunately the developer needs help with it and has already abandoned this theme...

    my advice is only use if you dont use any other add-ons at all
  • Simply excelent!
  • This is what the Theme looks like on the Mac version of Firefox if anyone wants to know:

  • i dont think this bug is due to fission, but related to it. if you believe otherwise, then i shall notify the author of fission.

    the reason i believe it is from within strata40 is because the progress bar seems modified under strata40, although i am not familiar with the mechanics of the plugin.

    the issue is that a lot of times when a page has finished loading to 100%, the status messages disappear, but the progress bar stops short of 100% and just stays there.
  • Love the theme! You've done a wonderful job with making it both customizeable and so very nice to look at. Like several others, I would really, *really* appreciate it if the compatibility issue with TabMixPlus could be worked out. (I'm still using v. 0.5.7 because, as far as I know, that's the last version of Strata40 that still works with TMP which, for me, is a must have extension.) In any case, your theme is beautiful and I love using it!
  • Love the theme, but I have a nit to pick.

    I know what you said in the FAQ about a button in the titlebar, but isn't that one of the coolest and most unique features of the FF4 mockups? Without it, I could pretty much duplicate Strata40 with an Aero Glass add-on (like your own AeroBuddy) and Combine Buttons. So why use this theme?

    And if you don't plan on implementing a titlebar button, then please change the image on the Strata40 home page. It's misleading.
  • Absolutely stunning, goes beautifuly with windows 7. Thanks!!
  • Absolutely stunning! Thank you thank you thank you!
  • This is absolutely my favorite theme, It's not easy to adjust, but once you manage that, it looks astonishing; my congratulation to the author!!!
  • ya you could make a support for linux
  • please please please please please support for linux
    i like this
  • JanyPL,i also have problem of app button!why!??!?!can you write the extensions that you use here...i can compare with my extensions
  • Thanks, good job. And please support for Linux.
  • Why did you abandon support for Linux? It looks great on Windows 7 sure, but on Linux we either have to put up with an old version or not have it. It's a shame too since I wanted to make Ubuntu 10.04 look good with the most recent version of this theme.
  • Why my app button don't apears?
  • Why my app button don't apears?
  • Please create a version that brings back favicons to the address bar. I really liked having the "add bookmark" button near the drop marker.