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  • I like strata40 in firefox 8
  • would be great, if you would make this theme working on ff4 on macs -- for all those who dont like the new mac default theme
  • Best theme ever!!
  • @l3ZoOoZl
    Strata40 0.5.7 work with Linux
  • Excellent looking theme, but removing the fav icon from the URL toolbar removes the ability to drag the fav icon to the desktop to make a bookmark shortcut. Also non standard toolbar buttons don't have frame (don't know if this second part could be fixed).
  • Best theme , but Why not work with Ubuntu
  • I love this theme. I dont use the firefox 4 beta because it has bugs but i love the UI of the browser. This theme is perfect. and when you go into private browsing the firfox tab should change colors like it does on the real firefox 4 beta. Plus with omnibar the theme looks better!
  • Лучшая тема для лисы, без вариантов!! Оптимальная цветовая гамма, ничего не теряется в графике и не нужно прилагать зрительных усилий для поиска в панели закладок.+++++
  • The Luna theme is broken. Eeverytime I close the browser it reverts back to the default and I have to select Luna all over again.
  • I've been using Strata40 for almost a year. I think it makes the best look and most usable browser out there. I finally got around to using FF4 B7 and find it ugly and more cumbersome. Any chance we will get an update for FF4 so I can have both the updates for browsing and my preferred UI?
  • Sick theme. Make sure to install the recommended addons. Looks great in Win7 -- looks like FF4, and maybe even better.

    If you have Glasser installed, make sure to uninstall it first!! Strata's addon does a better job.
  • In Strata Buddy, i cant use aero glass in xp.Why???Until then i can on give 4 star.
  • My dream theme :)
  • This theme is sleek and incredibly functional. The companion plug-in offers a wide variety of customization. My only wish is that the blue/white parts could be changed to other color schemes. I usually prefer darker skins to match my desktop theme, but I will willingly make the sacrifice for the functionality this provides.
  • looks cool and simple
  • I only wish firefox4 beta would look as good as your mockups...

    They are close, sure, but yours seems so much better.

    Amazing job here.
  • I with firefox 4 looked like that with tabs on bottom :( it only looks like that upside down with tabs on top
  • so simple, but fantasitic
  • When I first saw it I said maybe but then I added it to my themes and I will say this,great job. Easy on the eyes and everything I use is right there.
  • I have been using this add-on for several months now in conjunction with StrataBuddy, and I have to say that this is one of the cleanest variants on the Firefox UI that I have used.
    The Firefox 4 Beta is now released, and the developer has stopped working on this add-on. However, so far this add-on is superior to the beta UI in terms of look-and-feel, usability, and overall polish.
    Obviously, this add-on does not provide all the features than come with Firefox 4, but the implementation of tabs-on-top works more effectively with StrataBuddy and I feel that the Strata40 theme is closer in spirit to the Firefox 4 mockups than the beta.
    Time will tell and the bugs in Firefox 4 will be fixed, but I don't believe this add-on has been rendered irrelevant.
    Thanks to the team who created this add-on for realizing the goals of the 4.0 UI way ahead of its time!

  • didnt like it and i had problems with it while closing firefox
  • not support colorfultabs.
  • not support colorfultabs.
  • Personal Menu and Button:Undo Close Tab in the style of Strata40: