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  • Great addons!!! but, pleeeaseee... make it compatible with firefox 4 !!! :'(
    I'm sorry to disappoint you, but StOgame 2 will never be compatible with Firefox 4.
    We started developing StOgame 3 over 2 years ago on http://standardogame.mozdev.org/ , but Gameforge didn't release the Ogame Redesigned version within a decent timeline, thus we had to turn off the servers and abort the project.
    If you want to collaborate or help us developing it further, please consider visiting https://github.com/Ocramius/StOgame , where you can copy our code and work on it :)
  • As of 26 Feb 2010, this add-on is not working. Web site support also not available.
    Am I right?
    Yeah, I'm sorry but this addon won't work anymore, because we don't have time for it, and the website was too expensive to mantain (it required a cluster of servers to run).If you want to help getting it running again, please consider visiting https://github.com/Ocramius/StOgame or http://standardogame.mozdev.org/ to help us out :)Thank you for your interest!
  • esta muy bueno por STOGAME

    un 10 ;)
  • I have been using Stogame for two to three years now. I like it far better than neofox or that other one. The problem with Stogame right now is that their main web site is down. I also have had to disable stogame, kept getting errors and mozilla would bog down real bad. But other than that I have enjoyed using stogame.
    I'm really sorry about that, but we had to turn off the StOgame cluster as it was too expensive, and we had almost no income for the project :(It's been a fantastic adventure, and if you wish, we can continue it if you want to help out on http://standardogame.mozdev.org/ or https://github.com/Ocramius/StOgame , but for now, we're not planning to turn StOgame servers on anymore.Thank you again for your interest!
  • Help! I've downloaded both versions, stogame 2.6 for the original versions and stogame 3.0 for the newer redesigned. Now, I play in 2 universes, universe 30 and 42. I uninstalled the stOgame 3.0 because I didn't like it, but now everytime I log on to universe 42 firefox crashes! It uses up like 1.2 gigabytes of RAM.

    I then disabled stOgame 2.6, the one for universe 30, and now my universe 42 works again. what's going on? why is the stOgame 2.6 affecting the redesigned version, when I've already uninstalled the stOgame 3.0?

    I give it 3 stars for the good work on the original design, but minus 2 for messing up the redesigned universe. I need help on solving this problem.
    Hello!Thank you for your interest, but StOgame 2 does actually not know that there is a "redesign" version of Ogame. We stopped developing StOgame 2 in favour of StOgame 3 when Gameforge announced the redesigned version of Ogame. Anyway, we had to stop after a year of development on StOgame 3, because we started thinking that the redesigned Ogame version would never come out. Actually, StOgame3 would have been compatible both with the redesigned and the old versions of Ogame, but now it's a dead project you can find StOgame on Github at https://github.com/Ocramius/StOgame . For your problem, consider manually editing the supported servers in about:config, thus excluding the redesigned Ogame servers and avoiding the script from modifying your redesigned interface the wrong way :)
  • Can anybody say if this will work with the Redesign universes like Andromeda, etc.?
    Hello,this is not the StOgame version compatible with Redesign universes.The project is currently unmantained, and you can help us continuing our work by forking the new version (interrupted development) on github at https://github.com/Ocramius/StOgame or you can contact the developers team at http://standardogame.mozdev.org/ (where you can find a list of them) if you want further information about how this project could continue living.Thank you anyway for your interest :)
  • I can't seem to get the addon working. I have FF 3.0.11, and have manually uninstalled it 2 times now. I used to have neogame - foxgame mod, but I removed that during the uninstallation. Looks great and I want to use it. Please help.

    Thanks in advance
    I'm sorry, but this tool downloads a list of supported servers from stogame.net regularly.That's a problem for new installations as we don't have our servers online anymore, that's also why it won't work anymore :(Thank you anyway for your interest...
  • Hey guys, the tool isn't working on ogame.gr but sure works at ogame.org and looks great.

    Do you need a translator for this to work? I'm in if so :P

    I'm going to support your translations if you can do that for us!StOgame3 is going to replace all this project, but we still don't know when the Ogame redesign will be released, so you can work on it if you want, and we'll support Ogame.gr too :)
  • Incompatible with foxgame and neogame, and those two are the ultimate addons for ogame, so i doubt it's usefulness, i would like it better if it was compatible
    Almost all features of FoxGame and NeoGame are already included in stogame, so there is no need to keep them enabled at the same time. That's also the reason of all these compatibility problems between these addons.
  • It is not working.
    New MacBook Pro 15" Leopard Firefox 3.0.6
    StOgame works only on official Ogame domains. To get these domains, the tool refreshes its internal universe list periodically. Please be sure that you have visited the OFFICIAL ogame login page of your ogame language. In that way, the addon will be able to check for the available universes. If it still does not run after 36 hours, send us a ticket or ask on the ogame boards.

    Your OS is not a problem for this tool, as it does not use external components
  • sachez que ce module n'ameliore pas grand chose si ce n'est qu'il charge en information complementaire de toutes sortes. fox game est bien suffisant et COMPETENT en la matiere puisque bien plus objectif. D'autres part l'avis des operateurs sur ce module est très partagé et sont acceptation par la communauté n'est pas validé.De surcroit depuis que j'ai mis ce module en place je suis dans l'incapcité de convertir un RC peu etre cela n'a aucun rapport cependant je n'avais aucun souci avant.Enfin pour finir je trouve lamentable le fait d'avoir recu un message usant de l'intimadation (sous peine de sois disant fermeture de compte) si je ne repondais pas de maniere positive ou negative sous 24h00. Mais pour qui vous prenez vous? l'operateur o.g peut etre? de toute maniere le nom du projet est deja limite et je ne comprends pas le fait que ce projet n'est pas été attaqué pour usurpation.
    Legality of the tool has already been discussed with GameForge GMBH. If you don't think the tool is useful, then use our wikis at http://www.stogame.net/wiki to give us some hints
  • Excellent !!
    The definitive tool !!
  • Would be Great if it would remember your information. If your computer has a glitch have to log in an un rememberable password and put in your signature again and again! Had to uninstall it was such a pain.
    StOgame remembers all the settings and details of your account on your computer... If something does not work, then please remember that you should try to disable other tools before giving up.
  • Would be Great if it would remember your information. If your computer has a glitch have to log in an un rememberable password and put in your signature again and again! Had to uninstall it was such a pain.
  • Very good , But its a little bit Slow ....
    We're building up 3.0.0
    Should be around 50 times faster than this version... Just be patient
  • Its great add, little buggy, if u have time try do this for http:\\fazigame.com its similar to ogame but faster.
    We will not support any Ogame clones because of:
    a) legality issues
    b) too much work to make the tool compatible with different html
    c) architecture problems (Ogame clones often have different Ogame parameters)
  • I need the players rank in Galaxy view instead of going to the Statistics page.
    We're working to show up all the player stats in the galaxy view... It is not possible to show up all player stats with the actual software architecture and because of our server's performance...
    It should come with 2.7.XX

    [EDIT] Ranks will show up in galaxy view in StOgame v3.0.0
  • StOgame (Standard Ogame Project) will collect these public information from your Ogame:
    *Player ranks
    *Galaxy view
    *Planets activities
    This information will be public to all StOgame users

    The following information will be saved in a private space of the users' StOGalaxy account:
    *Combat Reports
    *Spy Report
    *Fleet Logs

    The following information will be private and will be required only to contact you in case of emergency:
    *Nickname of your Ogame account
    *ID of your Ogame account

    Registration is not necessary but non-registered users will not have access to the StOGalaxy project. Non registered users will aso not contribute in data collection. So noone of the information written before will be saved.
  • It's too buggy for me to use. I used it for 3 updates and they'd fix some and others would pop up. Some of the ideas are good but overall implementation is not so good.
    We are usually having troubles with EVERY new ogame version. This is why bugs are so frequent. Anyway through user's help (we analyze every single support ticket!) it is possible to us to fix all these bugs.
  • Veramente comodo e bello graficamente.

    Very nice graphic and comfortable to use.
    Thank you, but Graphics still have to be improved. We're compiling some CSS specifications to help Ogame graphics designers in making the game better and better
  • Ormai fa parte fondamentale del gioco, è il miglior tool che sia mai stato creato per ogame fin dalla sua nascita

    ma non c'era d'aspettarsi altro... è made in Italy
  • funziona perfettamente, molto bello!!!
  • may I ask, but it does everything as standardogame neogame? neogame or more can be done? Is there anything that makes neo game and could not do standardgame? and whether there is something that can make standardgame but could not do so neogame?

    excuse me if very unclear written, I myself speak Russian, and the text translated using google
    StOgame is looking for FULL-replacement of ALL neogame and Foxgame functionalities. Anyway the developement is slow due to the high complexity of this tool. In fact StOgame reads ALL possible data from the Ogame page and turns it into useful numbers. That is why we are so slow in adding new features. We have to check every single modification, because the bug risk is higher than in FoxGame and Neogame
  • Installed but not show me logout? Why ?
    Logout link in Ogame has been marked as "unuseful"(in my case I used the logout link once 2 years ago... and I play Ogame since 3 years ago!). By default StOgame removes that link, but you can get it back through the menu config panel
  • I've installed the extension and nothing happens. Can't access the options menu either. I do see regular updates being downloaded, but that's all.
    This could be because your ogame is not included in the enabled servers list...
    The tool should work on Ogame.it, .de, .dk, .ba, .org, .jp, .no, .es, .pt, .tr
    If the problem persists please contact us on the forums placed on the website of the project, so we can fix it: http://www.stogame.net/forum/
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