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  • doesn't work, ubuntu 10.0.4 x86_64 firefox 3.6.24. It installs but you can't change the preferences, so it's basically useless.
  • It doesn't work with Fx 3.6.13.
  • Does this add-on work with Indian stock market ?
    Please clear this point
  • Does this add-on work with Indian stock market ?
    Please clear this point
  • This was the best stock add-on available....please, please, please update for newer versions of FF...!
  • Just try StockFox - It looks like the old Stock ticker!


  • The preferences button does not work with version 3.6.
  • It don't work with FF 3.5.7
    Lose and frozen tabs
  • Have used this addon for several years. It break FFx 3.5.7 in several ways.
    Some described below. Jeremy please fix your addon so it will run with 3.5.7
  • Same experience as Mickey2915's - saving any new ticker symbol immediately threw up an error message (though the symbol was added). Logging into a corporate site threw up the warning reminder that people might be able to see what I was typing - clicking [Continue] did nothing, nor did unchecking the "Remind of this every time" box. It's a shame, as the presentation of data, with % gain/loss, etc. was my favorite so far.
  • Running up to date Mozilla, this app did not let me customize, locked my tabs so I couldn't close them, and changed my home page to mozilla.com. Would be a good app if they fixed all the BUGS!!!
  • Didn't work with 3.6 beta 5. Squeezed. I instaled and then uninstaled.
  • it's a nice idea, but when I used this add on it totally crashed my FF 3.5. And then continued to force FF 3.5 to reopen about 5 times until I used Task Manager to kill the program. Once I uninstalled it, it worked fine. But I TRULY do not think that this add on should be listed as working with FF 3.5 when it clearly DOES NOT.
  • I fixed this problem but can't get a hold of Jeremy. Hello Jeremy? Jeremy? Knock Knock Knock?
  • Installed it and quickly uninstalled it. Weird proxy setting errors, mousewheel stopped responding and scrollbars moved from left to right. Didn't know it was possible for a plugin to screw up my firefox so hard.
  • Was a faithful user of this add-on but in 3.5 is completely hosing FF. Even when FF doesn't crash many other addons stop working. Not sure why this addon is even allowed as valid for FF. Suggestion to new folks. Don't use this until v1.0.4 has been updated to run stable on latest version of FF. You are better off using less feature rich Foxstocks.
  • I was disappointed to see that it was this add-on that hosed my latest release of FireFox.:( I'd like to see a new revision as well.
  • try his twitter:
  • please bring it back :-)
  • Jeremy..I depended on your program for a long time. It was an excellent add on to Firefox. Do you plan on upgrading this to the current Firefox rev?
  • What the @#% were you thinking, bring this back!
  • Please update it to Firefox 3.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You have created the best stock ticker for Firefox, please update it for 3.5
  • Please upgrade to support Firefox 3.5!!
    Without this addon, I have to keep refresh my Yahoo Finance Portfolios manually :(
  • Please update for v3.5!! I really like this extension, but enabling it since upgrading to v3.5 crashes Firefox....