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  • I've been using StockFox for several months and I like it, but it is currently experiency a weirdness. Currently I'm using it with FF 3.6.13 under Linux. Overall, StockFox works quite well. But sometimes the display (ticker) at the bottom of the screen shows data that is several days old. Right now it is Thursday and the display is up to date; but several times today it has shown data from last Tuesday. I'm not sure what triggers this behavior, but I suspect it happens when FF has been idle for a while. Nevertheless, I'll keep using it because I like the features, and it's easy to bring up the "view stocks" display to see the date/time of the most recent update.
  • StockFox 1.3.2 is set so the max version of FF is 4. It does not, be default, support FF 5 or 6. There is also some weirdness happening with FF5. The ticker toolbar can be shown but is frequently empty. In that case, the first two contect menu options, "View Details" and "Edit stocks and preferences..." lead to empty windows. wrt the previous complaint about a 15 minute delay, there is nothing which stops the complainer from paying for real-time data.
  • Great Application for keeping tabs on current shares you hold.
    I especially like the alert when price reaches certain value and would give 5 stars if the alert allowed an upper (shares up) and lower limit (shares down) rather than just one value.
    Is there any chance this could introduced, pretty, pretty please?
  • It's a shame this seems to be the only working stock ticker around for Firefox (4). Have been using it for about a month now. I want something better, but cannot find any suitable replacement.

    - Stocks are delayed by 15min or more due to unchangeable Yahoo data source.
    - Only way to force a refresh the stock data is to RESTART Firefox. You heard me, Ctrl+Alt+Del, kill process and then boot it up again.
    - 25% of the time it starts up it results in "ERROR 200" (This plugin has misunderstood that 200 means "OK" in the HTTP protocol.)
    - It stops updating after a few hours, say 1-2. Mostly visible if you have multiple stocks, then they stop switching in the statusbar and you know you're out.
    - The options are confusing. Enabling "Details->Allow editing of display site stock symbols" makes you have 2(!) fields in the stock editing dialog where you may enter the stock symbol. Which one that is used when requesting data and which one that is used for display is up to question - who bets on "Ticker Display Name" and who bets on "Symbol for Stock Display"?
  • Stock fox is pretty darn good. I have one peeve, or feature request. Frequently, stockfox seems to fall way behind on stock updates. Probably due to my wireless changing often and the connection getting killed and maybe not restarted properly. I think it would be super if there was some kind of manual update button or menu. Maybe a single-click on the toolbar ticker, and/or an item in the contextual menu.
  • error 2TypeError: oStock is undefined error < Only one listing but I get that

    Plus how do you add Gold and Silver with out errors and not showing blank

    Gold: XAUUSD=X
    Silver: XAGUSD=X
  • Hi, it's really cool, the actual features are nice - especially the price alert and the portfolio feature with gain/loss feed :). One wish : can you make him accept polling times below 1 minute ?

    But very cool and helpful even now !!
  • thanks for fixing DJI data.
    I believe it is Yahoo that caused the DJI data problem. I captured the URL that StockFox access from wireshark. Yahoo does return different data if ^DJI is queried.
    At least this is the one that works in FF 4.0beta.
  • This is, by far, the superior stock ticker for Firefox. However, I do not completely agree with the developer's reply on September 9. If this is a Yahoo! Finance issue, why do I get the same error message that ^DJIA can't be verified when I switch to Google Finance? Also, the "FoxStocks" add-on, which is a competitors plug-in, successfully displays the ^DJIA ticker. I believe the issue is in the StockFox code.
    ^DJI is a yahoo-only symbol. For Google Finance I believe it is .DJI. StockFox is using the Yahoo! Finance web APIs to retrieve data. Dow Jones no longer supplies Yahoo with this information via this web API mechanism, which Yahoo! verified to me. I am not sure how FoxStocks work, but they may be able to retrieve information via screen-scraping, which I would rather not do as it is too brittle. As an aside, I can assure you that the StockFox code is a beautiful, bug-free masterpiece, so I resent the implication :) Thanks. Tom
  • Like the previous poster, this worked until Sept. 8th. I use it on 4 computers- 2 Ubuntu and 2 XP systems, and it stopped working on all 4 machines simultaneously- so it's not a problem on my end. Now it's just sits there in the taskbar and says "ERROR: 200", and that's it. It's borked. I've used this add-on for years, and I absolutely love it, PLEASE fix it!
    UPDATE 9/10/2010: official reply from yahoo: "The limitation you are encountering is due to restrictions by the Dow
    Jones Index. Yahoo! is no longer able to provide Dow Jones Index data in
    this manner." -- So yeah, that's a bummer.... In the meantime, you can remove the Dow stock ^DJI and re-add the symbol ^DJX (1/100 dow avg).. Thanks. --Tom
  • This addon was working well up until today. For some reason, I cannot get the addon to monitor the Dow Jones. I have tried a variety of symbols from finance.yahoo.com that represent the Dow Jones Industrial but the addon keeps telling me that it doesn't recognize the symbol. If anyone knows what symbol to use to get the Dow Jones, please let me know. Thanks.
  • Great App, love the option to turn off the scrolling toolbar but to keep the status bar part--Great combo!
  • Great add on, however it would be REALLY nice to be able to control how many decimal places are shown. For instance, for the dollar/euro exchange rate, up to 4 decimal places are significant. If I could control this, it would be perfect
  • It is suggested that the application be able to set alerts for each stock and prompt the user by message box or email or playing mp3. Timer for updating is also preferred (e.g. From Monday to Friday, Office hours etc.)
    Hi there - I definitely want to add some capability for setting alerts when a particular stock reaches a set threshhold. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • It would be awesome if you could select to have this bar hidden during market close times or holidays.
  • Thanks Tom Mutdosch
    Simply the perfect stock tracker I am looking for. --- thanks
  • This is an excellent add-on. After using it for about three days the only suggestion is a display timer. Include setting where the app will only be operational from a start time to an end time. This way about two hours after the market is closed it will auto disappear and return when needed.
    Keep up the excellent work.
    I like this idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • thx for the app, finally i can uninstall my zombie StockTicker now ;p
  • great new app - the old "Stockticker" by Jeremy Gillick hasn't been updated for a while - I missed the app.

    I installed it and I deleted yahoo and added 3 new stocks - now I cannot edit them... :( Please test and update!

    Really GREAT app!!
    You can grab the new version 1.2.1 by clicking the View All Versions link at the bottom of the addon page. In the meantime you can edit by going to the View All Stocks/Portfolio section (hit F9).
  • Great function, very easy to use!
  • One thing good is that it is picking out info from yahoo finance rather than google finance (which doesnt support alot of market). Works great except the color display when it is up/down/neutral - it just shows up as the neutral color all the time....It will be also good if it allows for us to input the commission % and it will calculate the win/loss accordingly - but good attempt so far!