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It's a shame this seems to be the only working stock ticker around for Firefox (4). Have been using it for about a month now. I want something better, but cannot find any suitable replacement.

- Stocks are delayed by 15min or more due to unchangeable Yahoo data source.
- Only way to force a refresh the stock data is to RESTART Firefox. You heard me, Ctrl+Alt+Del, kill process and then boot it up again.
- 25% of the time it starts up it results in "ERROR 200" (This plugin has misunderstood that 200 means "OK" in the HTTP protocol.)
- It stops updating after a few hours, say 1-2. Mostly visible if you have multiple stocks, then they stop switching in the statusbar and you know you're out.
- The options are confusing. Enabling "Details->Allow editing of display site stock symbols" makes you have 2(!) fields in the stock editing dialog where you may enter the stock symbol. Which one that is used when requesting data and which one that is used for display is up to question - who bets on "Ticker Display Name" and who bets on "Symbol for Stock Display"?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (