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The following is a direct translation of the add-on's description:

I paste in a sticky note on Web pages.
Sticky notes you can leave a note, you can change the size, the position.
You can view a list of sticky notes in the sidebar, to jump into that sticky paste.

The main features, shortcuts (in parentheses Mac)
Ctrl + Shift + C or right-click menu "Create a Sticky here:" create a sticky
Click the X mark or Ctrl + Shift + D, while the focus is on Sticky: Removed Sticky
Or Ctrl + q, "Show / Hide sticky" right-click menu: Click here to show / hide list
Drag the top of the sticky: resize
Drag the bottom right corner of the sticky note: Changing the size
Sidebar: "Sticky List" Tools menu, or Ctrl (Command) + Shift + S
Ctrl + Shift + F: Focus on the sidebar

J in the selected state, or "sticky jump to" right-click menu: Jump to sticky
Double-click on the sticky or Enter, or select status, "Remove tag" right-click menu: remove the sticky

Hope this helps someone? ;)

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